Scaffolding fitter course - is it worth it?

A scaffold assembler course can be a great choice for those working in the construction sector.  Scaffolding fitter having the appropriate qualifications can count on good earnings both at home and abroad. Additionally, the scaffold assembler course is one of the shortest courses. It is a quick way to obtain qualifications that are useful in many different industries. Anyone who wants to apply for a license to install scaffolding must, however, complete the appropriate course. What should a trainee know before enrolling in a training course?

What legal regulations regulate scaffolders?

The work of people as a scaffold fitter in Poland is regulated by four legal acts:

  • Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure Regulation of the Minister of Economy with Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy with Art. 237 of the Labor Code

In addition, anyone who wants to apply for a license to install scaffolding must pass the exam before the committee of the Institute of Mechanization of Construction and Rock Mining in Warsaw. Passing the exam provides the student with appropriate qualifications to work as a scaffolding fitter. The permit is indefinite, so there is no need to renew permits every few years.

Who can take the scaffold assembler's course?

The scaffolding assembly course can be completed by anyone who meets the following conditions:

  • 18 years or older,
  • Education at least elementary,
  • There are no medical contraindications to work as a scaffolding fitter.

As you can see, people willing to expand their qualifications with scaffolding rights do not have to meet special conditions. For this reason, it is one of the most frequently chosen courses.

What is the scaffold assembler's course?
The scaffolding assembly training consists of three parts: theoretical, practical and final exam.

Theoretical part

The training to become a scaffold assembler begins with the theoretical part. Students will learn in detail about the health and safety rules applicable to the assembly and disassembly of scaffolding. These rules define not only the safety of the installers' work, but also the safety of bystanders and users of the building or facility where the scaffolding is placed. In addition, the theoretical part of the scaffolding fitter's course also includes learning to keep appropriate technical documentation of the scaffolding and the rules for the use of scaffolding. In addition, candidates for fitters learn in the theoretical part how to assemble scaffolding from different types of pipes (steel, system pipes, etc.)

Practical part

After the theoretical part of the scaffold assembler's course, it's time for practice. Here, candidates will test the theoretical knowledge acquired earlier and learn how to perform preparatory work before erecting the scaffolding. Activities such as preparing the material, estimating the size of the team and preparing appropriate documentation are the basic elements of safe work with scaffolding. In addition, students, under the supervision of instructors, will learn how to properly, safely and efficiently assemble and disassemble various types of scaffolding (modular, frame, tubular) and learn how to properly inspect the technical condition of the scaffolding.

Final exam

At the end, each student takes the exam, which consists of two parts. The scaffolding assembler course ends with a theoretical and practical exam before the Examination Board appointed by the Institute of Mechanization of Building and Rock Mining with its seat in Warsaw. The theoretical part consists of a set of questions, both closed and open. In the practical part, the students demonstrate to the examination board the skills acquired during the training. Obtaining a positive result on the final exam will make the student work as a scaffold fitter, additionally everyone who has completed the course receives a certificate confirming the acquired qualifications.

Can you work abroad with the qualifications obtained in Poland?

The scaffolding fitter is a well-paid and necessary job not only in Poland, but also abroad. However, it should be remembered that before starting work as a scaffold fitter abroad, even if you have the appropriate qualifications, you still need to take a few additional steps.

First of all, it is necessary to check whether the qualifications obtained in Poland are even recognized in the country where we are trying to find a job. Unfortunately, the qualifications for the installation of scaffolding are not international in nature, an attempt to work in this profession in another country may involve the necessity to complete the course again.

Where qualifications are honored, those willing to work as a scaffold fitter must first apply for atknowing the qualifications obtained in Poland and abroad. It is not a complicated process and usually does not take too long. Similarly, people who want to find a job as a scaffolding fitter in Poland, having qualifications from another country, will have to apply for their recognition.

How much does the scaffold assembler's course cost?

Currently, many training centers in Poland conduct a course granting authorizations for the assembly of scaffolding. The price of such training depends on many factors. Anyone who wants to expand their professional qualifications with qualifications for the installation of scaffolding can take part in open courses offered by the OSO company. Our company it regularly offers open courses to acquire a number of different qualifications, including scaffolding qualifications. For those interested in an open course, I can find all the information, including the dates of upcoming training courses, on our website.

For people willing to organize training for their employees, OSO is ready to offer an individual offer. The price of a group training course depends on many factors, such as the date of the training, the number of participants or the level of knowledge of the people participating in the training. Based on this information, our consultants will be able to prepare an offer tailored to the needs of everyone. In addition, companies willing to cooperate with us for a longer period of time can count on preferential rates.

Trainings conducted by the OSO company take place at our headquarters in Warsaw, but we have branches all over Poland. Thanks to this jWe are able to adjust our offer to each client. In addition, our trainers are able to reach individual clients to conduct training in their company. We encourage you to contact our consultants to arrange a training.