Scaffolding installer course - is it worth it?

A scaffolding installer course can be a great choice for those working in the construction sector. A qualified scaffolder can expect to earn good wages both at home and abroad. In addition, the scaffolding installer course is one of the shortest courses. It is a quick way to obtain qualifications that are useful in a wide variety of industries. Anyone wishing to apply for scaffolding qualifications However, they must first complete the relevant course. What should a student enrolling in a training course know? 

What legal regulations regulate scaffolders? 

The work of people as a scaffold fitter in Poland is regulated by four legal acts: 

  • Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 6 February 2003 on health and safety at work during construction works 
  • Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 20 September 2001 on occupational safety and health during the operation of machinery and other technical devices for earth, road, construction works (Dz.U.01.118.1263), together with the Regulation of the Minister of Development and Finance of 11 January 2017 amending the aforementioned Decree of the Min. Gosp. 
  • Ordinance of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of 26 September 1997, Section IV, Chapter VI "Particularly hazardous work" on general health and safety at work regulations 
  • Article 237 of the Labour Code 

Additionally anyone wishing to apply for a scaffolding licence must successfully pass an examination before a commission from the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining in Warsaw. Passing the exam provides the trainee with the relevant qualification to work as a scaffolder. This permit is of unlimited durationIt also does not need to be renewed every few years. 

Who can take the scaffold assembler's course? 

The scaffolding assembly course can be completed by anyone who meets the following conditions: 

  • 18 years or older, 
  • Education at least elementary, 
  • There are no medical contraindications to work as a scaffolding fitter. 
workers on scaffolding

As you can see, those wishing to broaden their qualifications with a scaffolding installation qualification do not need to meet exceptional conditions. For this reason, it is one of the more frequently chosen courses. 

What is the scaffold assembler's course? 

The scaffolding assembly training consists of three parts: theoretical, practical and final exam. 

Theoretical part 

Training as a scaffolder begins with a theoretical part. The trainees learn in detail about the health and safety rules that apply when erecting and dismantling scaffolding. These rules not only determine the safety of the scaffolders, but also the safety of bystanders and users of the building or facility where the scaffolding is being erected. In addition, the scaffolding assembly course in the theoretical part also includes learning how to keep the relevant technical documentation and the rules of use. In addition to this, scaffolder candidates learn in the theoretical part how to assemble scaffolding from different types of tubes (steel, system tubes, etc.). 

Practical part 

After the theoretical part of the scaffolding assembly course, it is time for the practical part. Here, candidates will test their previously acquired theoretical knowledge and learn how to carry out preparatory work prior to scaffolding assembly. Activities such as preparing the material, estimating the size of the team and preparing the relevant documentation are essential elements for safe scaffolding work. In addition, the trainees will learn, under the guidance of instructors, how to erect and dismantle different types of scaffolding (modular, frame and tube scaffolding) correctly, safely and efficiently, and how to carry out a technical inspection of the scaffolding. 

scaffolder at work

Final exam 

At the end, each student takes the exam, which consists of two parts. The scaffolding assembler course ends with a theoretical and practical exam before the Examination Board appointed by the Institute of Mechanization of Building and Rock Mining with its seat in Warsaw. The theoretical part consists of a set of questions, both closed and open. In the practical part, the students demonstrate to the examination board the skills acquired during the training. Obtaining a positive result on the final exam will make the student work as a scaffold fitter, additionally everyone who has completed the course receives a certificate confirming the acquired qualifications. 

Can you work abroad with the qualifications obtained in Poland? 

The scaffolding fitter is a well-paid and necessary job not only in Poland, but also abroad. However, it should be remembered that before starting work as a scaffold fitter abroad, even if you have the appropriate qualifications, you still need to take a few additional steps.  

First of all it is important to check whether the qualifications obtained in Poland are recognised at all in the country where you are trying to find a job. Unfortunately, scaffolding qualifications do not have an international character, trying to work in this profession in another country may entail being forced to complete the course once again. 

Where qualifications are honored, those willing to work as a scaffold fitter must first apply for recognition of qualifications gained abroad in Poland. This is not a complicated process and usually does not take too long. Similarly, those wishing to find work as a scaffolder in Poland with qualifications from another country will need to apply for recognition. 

How much does the scaffold assembler's course cost? 

Currently, a number of training centres in Poland provide a course giving qualifications in scaffolding assembly. The price of such training depends on a number of factors. Anyone wishing to extend their professional qualifications to include scaffolding installation can take part in the open courses offered by OSO. Our company regularly offers open courses to gain a range of different qualifications, including scaffolding qualifications. Those wishing to sign up for an open course can find all the information, including dates of upcoming training courses, on our website.  

For those willing to organise training for their employees, OSO is ready to offer individual offer. The price of group training depends on a number of factors, such as the date of the training, the number of participants and the level of knowledge of those taking part. Based on this information, our consultants will be able to prepare an offer tailored to everyone's needs. In addition, companies willing to cooperate with us over the long term can count on preferential rates.   

Trainings conducted by the OSO company take place at our headquarters in Warsaw, but we have branches all over Poland. Thanks to this we are able to tailor our offer to each customer. In addition, our trainers are able to travel to individual clients to conduct training at their company. We encourage you to contact with our consultants, to make an appointment for training.