What are HDS cranes?

HDS cranes are handling equipment mounted on vehicle chassis, used for loading and unloading goods. When thinking about working with HDS cranes, we must remember to have the necessary authorisations issued by the Office of Technical Inspection, as all cranes are subject to technical supervision. We must ensure that the vehicle is properly and appropriately levelled. If we are not sure what the inclination of the crane should be, this should be checked in its technical data. We should take care of the ground on which the crane is standing. If it is uneven or muddy, we use special stabilisers and shims.

The operator is required to be equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment - a protective helmet, non-restrictive clothing or appropriate footwear.

HDS trucks are often used to transport goods characterised by large dimensions or heavy weight.

HDS crane services are perfect for installation works at heights, e.g. for the installation of advertising banners. The forestry industry also benefits from HDS services, as the construction of the HDS cranes enables the felled trees to be transferred onto truck trailers. A great facilitation for HDS cranes is the possibility of using various accessories and handles, thanks to which they can cope with practically any load. HDS transport is used in many industries. Nowadays, saving money and time is worth its weight in gold, so it is worth renting an HDS device.

 Structural elements of loading cranes 

  • Base - at the base of the crane 
  • Boom - designed for load manipulation 
  • Supports - stabilize the device 
  • Column - vertical element embedded on the crane's base 


In order to work as a crane operator, it is necessary to attend a course and successfully pass an examination before a commission from the Office of Technical Inspection. After passing the exam, the UDT issues the operator with a qualification certificate (UDT category - IIŻ). This qualification allows you to operate all types of mobile, truck-mounted or transportable cranes both in Poland and abroad. You must have your qualification certificate with you when operating a crane.


To obtain permissions for this type of equipment, the following conditions must be met: 

  • 18 years or older  
  • No health contraindications  
  • Education at least basic level 


Types of HDS cranes:

  • Forestry cranes for loading timber - equipped with grippers with which trees are lifted
  • General-purpose cranes - equipped with a structure, rigidly mounted on a vehicle chassis, and a boom that operates vertically or horizontally
  • Vehicle mounted cranes at the rear of the vehicle with a box body
  • Cranes mounted in the centre of the vehicle - between the driver's cab and the gearbox


At SPA, we offer a course whose program includes:

  • Providing pre-medical aid
  • Information on technical inspection
  • Knowledge of health and safety regulations
  • Practical classes on equipment
  • Equipment operator responsibilities
  • Estimating the weight of the load
  • Selection of slings and determination of their technical condition
  • Knowledge of the operation of crane safety devices
  • Construction of hydraulic car lifts

Operators' earnings 

Many people wonder how much an HDS crane operator earns. However, it all depends on whether you work in Poland or abroad. In Poland, the average salary of a crane operator is about 4300 PLN gross. Of course, people with a lot of experience and qualifications earn more. Often it is also important how long we have been working for a given company. However, in our neighbours in Germany, we can earn from 15 to 18 euros net per hour, which is about 2500-3000 euros per month. In Norway, we can count on a minimum wage of more than 200 kroner per hour (about 90 PLN).



When inspecting the technical condition of a mobile crane, we should quickly detect any faults. If we see hydraulic oil leaks, missing equipment or mechanical damage, we are obliged to react immediately. Indicators and accessories must be in working order. We should check the emergency STOP button and the operation of the controls. When operating a HDS crane, prohibited activities are:

  • Tampering with safety devices
  • Performing work with the use of a defective device
  • Pulling loads on the ground
  • Work near power lines
  • Lifting people with a crane

Remember to use it properly and to perform reliable maintenance on a regular basis. If we do not follow the rules in the area of device maintenance, we may have serious consequences of negligence.

The most common operator errors:

  • Using worn out or damaged slings
  • Incorrect selection of slings
  • Incorrect deployment of supports


Where to find us?

Our Operator Training Center is located in Warsaw at 8 Królów Polskich Street, but you can find us in other branches located in large Polish cities. Please see our training offer on the website. We also organize closed training courses for institutional and business clients. If you are interested in our training, please contact us and we will present you an offer tailored to your training needs!