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HDS crane operator course

During its 20 years on the market - OSO has organised thousands of courses for operators of all kinds. A number of qualified industry professionals and lecturers will take care of your knowledge and skills required for the exam. The staff are committed to providing you with the required knowledge so that you can take the Technical Inspection Authority exam. Want to improve your operator qualifications? Feel free to contact us. 

HDS crane operator at work

Characteristics of a HDS crane

An HDS crane is nothing more than a type of lift - a hydraulic truck crane. It is designed for a wide variety of handling work. It is mounted on the rails or tyres of vehicles, which depends on the terrain over which it moves. The machine's reach is measured from the hook to the pivot axis. The versatility of this machine improves work in many industries. In particular, it makes construction work easier and faster. 

Division of cranes 

We can divide these lifts into two categories: their purpose and where the crane arm is mounted. 

  • General-purpose cranes - where the structure rests on the chassis of the vehicle to which it is mounted. The boom itself can make vertical and horizontal movements to manipulate the load. This type of crane is versatile for most industries and simple to use. 
  • Timber loading crane - This particular type, finds its main use in forestry work - thanks to its design. Instead of standard hooks as in the general-purpose case, it has handles for manoeuvring timber.  

Distinguishing cranes by the position of the arm, also determines the scope of work. Main arm positions: 

  • behind the driver's cab, on the vehicle, 
  • behind the load bed, on the vehicle, 
  • on the central part of the vehicle. 

Other types of cranes 

We have many types of machines in our stock in the category of lifts - cranes. Choose the machine on which you would like to receive training: 

instructor for training on the manoeuvring area
  • HDS crane, 
  • mobile crane, 
  • stationary crane, 
  • mini crane, 
  • crawler crane, 
  • off-road crane. 

Training for HDS crane operators 

We pride ourselves on the high pass rate of examinations at our training centres. The entire course is conducted in accordance with current UDT standards. You will start the training with the theoretical part, where you will learn about the structure of the HDS crane, its use and classification, as well as the necessary vocabulary to work as an operator. You will also be introduced to the relevant health and safety standards. Once you have completed the theoretical part you will proceed to the practical part. This involves getting to grips with a chosen machine on a manoeuvring site - you will operate and drive the machine under the supervision of a lecturer. This is manual skills training. 

Training centres 

We are constantly developing for our trainees. Already at this moment we can offer you our training in Warsaw. Our offer includes individual as well as group courses - the choice is yours. OSO centres have a range of efficient machines for your use. It is up to you to choose in which area you want to train. Become one of our trainees. 

Categories of qualification for crane operator 

  • Tower and high-speed cranes - in particular demand in the construction industry. Their usefulness lies in their high lifting capacity and the wide working range of the jib. 
  • Mobile cranes, and this includes HDS cranes, with a smaller capacity and boom, against tower cranes. Qualifications in this area are versatile for working on many industries. 

Examination expiry date 

Referring to the findings of the UDT - HDT crane operator entitlements are 5-10 years from the date of passing the exam. Before the expiry date, the entitlement must be renewed immediately. UTD certificates are taken into account in Poland as well as throughout the European Union.  

Course of the UDT examination  

crane on car

The entire exam consists of a theoretical and a practical part - analytically to the training method at our centre. The theoretical part includes an exam with fifteen closed questions. It concerns knowledge of the construction of the machine, its correct use and knowledge of health and safety regulations based on the machine in question. A positive result from the theoretical test admits you to the practical part. This part takes place on the manoeuvring area, where the trainee demonstrates his or her manual and driving skills. The examination process is supervised by an UDT commission. An exam completed successfully qualifies the participant to receive a certificate and an occupation/authorisation card. This confirms your skills and readiness to operate HDS cranes. 

Career paths  

Once you are certified on HDS cranes, you will be able to work as an operator. Demand for this equipment is declared by industries such as: 

  • construction, 
  • landscape architecture, 
  • warehouse work. 

Conditions to be met by the trainee 

These requirements are driven by current UDT regulations: 

  • coming of age, 
  • a current medical examination from an occupational physician, 
  • at least primary education. 

CSO course offerings

OSO provides a range of training courses in the operation of various types of lifting equipment. This includes: 

  • HDS lifting course,  
  • telescopic loader course, 
  • course for mobile platforms - scissor lifts, 
  • fork-lift truck course. 

Questions and Answers

Do you provide training for groups?

Yes, we provide training for both groups and individual training. 

Do you provide training?

We provide training in Warsaw. In addition, you can take advantage of our mobile training offer.