What is industrial mountaineering?

Preparation for industrial mountaineering

The history of the industry begins in 2009. At that time, the Organisation of Rope Access Technicians was founded. Special courses were then introduced to gain experience as well as knowledge. It can therefore be said that both theory and practice are important.

Industrial mountaineering is a job you can do with passion. A basic education is sufficient for training. This is because passion can be combined with real pay for the work you do. Industrial climbing has its advantages and also disadvantages. The advantage is certainly the rewarding wages. The work can be done by both men and women. The work is ideal for people who love climbing. However, there are also disadvantages to such work, e.g. seasonal earnings, you work in a specialised uniform, a lack of fear of heights is required, and you need to have a personal predisposition for such an activity.

Work or passion

Climbers and Himalayists have no problem answering the question about what they would like to do. It turns out that it is possible to successfully combine work and passion. And that doesn't always work out for everyone. \ It is possible to turn your passion into a profession that brings in a tangible income. You should start by practising on a climbing wall, receive training and start working as an industrial climber. To become an industrial climber, you need to know how to climb.

To prepare for industrial mountaineering, it is important to: