Will you smoke with us?

That is, a few words about the course on the stoves and central heating boilers

When you hear the word "smoker", the first thing that comes to mind is the person smoking. In the automotive community, you often hear about "burning rubber", and when you see your doctor, you will find out that there is both active smoking and passive smoking. But this text won't be about any of the aforementioned smokers. Today we will present an extremely important profession of a smoker of central heating boilers and stoves, often treated neglectfully. From the text, you will learn not only how important the profession of a smoker is, but we will also show you step by step how to obtain the necessary permissions to practice it. Find out about the advantages of our course on the stoker of CO stoves and boilers!

Who we are?

We know each other, or maybe you haven't heard of us yet? So let's start with a short introduction. Our Ośrodek Szkolenia Operatorów OSO has been operating for over 15 years, but our experience is much greater! We have been providing comprehensive training services for various professional groups for over 20 years. Everyone will find something for himself! Our offer includes, among others, UDT training, G1, G2, G3, HDS energy training, also safety training, Fire and first aid. Like every company, we also have a clearly formulated goal in front of us. Our motto is:


Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our course offer. Qualified staff every day makes every effort to meet the requirements of our students. Thousands of satisfied participants of the courses, hundreds of working hours of classes give a huge effect - a team of future professionals in many industries. Get the coveted certificate! We will tell you about our course on CO boiler and stove stoves, based on frequently asked questions!


Question 1. What does a CO boiler and stove burner do?

A smoker is a person operating central heating boilers that supply heat, process steam and domestic hot water to various buildings and industrial facilities. The main tasks of smokers include:

  • operation of central heating boilers,
  • controlling the operation of central heating boilers,
  • documentation of the operation of central heating boilers,
  • compliance with health and safety rules.

The most common workplace for smokers is the boiler room.


Question 2. Who can become a CO boiler and stove burner?

Our SPA center encourages everyone who meets two necessary conditions to participate in the course:

Over 18 years of ageGOOD HEALTH

- good sense of smell and eyesight, efficient sense of touch and good hearing organs.


A lot of responsibility should be shown in the smoker profession. Particular attention should be paid to the work environment which presents many hazards. Our SPA course will allow all students to properly prepare for this demanding position. Our offer also includes numerous first aid classes. Thus, a CO smoker course is essential for a person to be able to prevent all risks. Don't risk it, trust SPA!


Question 3. What are the risks associated with practicing this profession?

EXPLOSION AND FIRE - boilers operate in conditions of high temperature and pressure.
BURNS - as a result of explosions and fires.
POISONING - combustion of fuel used in boilers can cause fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.
WORN OF HEALTH - employees who operate boilers work in contact with various substances used in boilers (fuel, water additives, etc.), which may cause skin changes and disorders of the respiratory system and eyesight.
CONDITION HARDWARE - boiler operators work in a noisy environment, in a hot and humid microclimate, which may cause fatigue and general malaise.


Only the course will provide adequate knowledge of protective methods such as protective clothing, and also prepare you to deal with basic faults and breakdowns! Our company has already been trusted by many people, join them and YOU!


Question 4. What will I learn during the course?

In addition to information on first aid, after the SPA course you will also learn a lot of information on:

  • general regulations,
  • regulations on technical inspection,
  • organization of work with thermal devices,
  • duties of stoves and central heating boilers,
  • selected information on thermal technology,
  • CH boiler house diagrams,
  • steam and water boilers.


Question 5. How is the course for the stoker and CO stoves?

The CO smoker course takes place in two forms - in the form of lectures and in the form of practical classes. Our team of qualified instructors places great emphasis on using the acquired knowledge in practice. Each participant has the opportunity to see what the profession of a boiler and central heating stove smoker is in practice. There are specially prepared and equipped halls for this purpose. The whole thing ends with a state examination, which is held in front of the qualification committee. The final step is the withdrawal of allowances.


Remember that once you get your CO smoker license, you have to renew it every 5 years. Our OSO center is also here to help - with us you will renew your rights and at a very favorable price!

Question 6. What is the price of the CO boiler and stove stoker course?

Detailed information on the prices of individual courses can be found on our website. One thing is already certain - you will pay LESS for a course on a CO stoves and boilers in our Center than in others! To check the fees, please use the price list or contact us via the inquiry form . Do you disagree with the price we offer? We invite you to negotiate! Our company makes every effort to create the largest possible team of specialists - we prepare attractive discounts and appreciate participants who recommend our course to others!


Question 7. What is included in the course fee?

  • course for boiler and cooker fitter with experienced instructors,
  • learning materials,
  • modern technical facilities - specialized halls,
  • coffee, tea, water,
  • exam and qualifications appropriate to the course on the stoker and stove smoker.


Question 8. Why is it worth choosing the OSO Operator Training Center?

You are not yet fully convinced about the advantages of the courses organized by OSO -

this is a text especially for you!

WE TEACH BOTH THEORY AND PRACTICE - during our course you will not devote your time only to one-hour lectures on theory! We combine a large dose of knowledge with practical classes that will allow you to become a REAL smoker of CO boilers and stoves!


WE TEACH THE OPERATION OF DEVICES OF DIFFERENT BRANDS - we make every effort to train future specialists in the best possible way! Join us and discover the secrets of working on many different types of furnaces and boilers! Make nothing surprising at work!


WE HAVE QUALIFIED TEACHING STAFF - all this knowledge along with practical classes would not mean anything if it were not for a team of professionals! Among the teaching staff you will find qualified boiler and stove smokers. See for yourself!


WE ENABLE THE NECESSARY QUALIFICATIONS - and finally the coveted certificate! Our course will prepare you for the state examination, which is a ticket to obtain the required qualifications. Do not hesitate and take care of your future today!