Types of aerial work platforms and their applications

Find out what lifts are and what uses they have 

moving platform against a background of buildings

Aerial work platforms are machines designed to work at heights. They lift not only people but also heavy loads. Among other things, they are used for construction work, cleaning windows on upper floors and rescuing people and animals trapped at heights. Due to the different applications of aerial work platforms in different industries, there are several types. 

Scissor lift 

It is characterised by arms that straighten when the basket is raised and fold into an accordion when it is lowered. Its greatest advantage is that it provides stability so that the person at height can feel completely safe. It is usually controlled by a special remote control. The scissor lift can be used in both open and closed spaces. 

Tracked elevator 

folded mobile platform

It is a small, narrow lift, moving by means of tracks. It has a long arm and a basket at its end. Its greatest advantage is that it can reach places where no other lift would fit. It will prove useful for work inside high and narrow spaces such as churches, galleries or shopping centres. It is just as often seen in urban areas, installing billboards or pruning tree branches. It can be radio-controlled or remote-controlled.  

Car jack 

This equipment is mounted on a truck so that it can reach its destination easily and quickly. The advantage of this lift is undoubtedly that it can lift the basket much higher than other equipment. In addition, it has a large range of movement, which allows for greater efficiency in the work carried out. It is ideal for a variety of field work. It also comes in handy when you need to cover a longer distance or travel to a location several kilometres or more away. 

Safety with platforms 

platform movable during operation

Moving platforms are safer and more convenient to use than ladders because they provide a stable and flat working surface and allow height and angle adjustment. This makes working on mobile platforms more efficient and precise, as well as safer for workers. 

Aerial work platforms are extremely useful in warehouses, logistics centres, construction sites and urban spaces. They have a wide range of applications, each with different features and adapted to perform different activities and jobs.  


What are the most common types of lift?

The most common types of lift are aerial work platforms, as well as scissor, crawler and vehicle lifts.

What are the advantages of aerial work platforms?

Above all, they provide stability and safety when working at heights. Some lifts can navigate on sinuous and uneven terrain.

Will elevators work well for outdoor work?

Yes! They are often used in the installation of advertising, work on the facade of buildings and various electrical and energy-related work.