UDT equipment services

Sales, service and audit of UDT machines 

rental of a used forklift truck

We are a company with several years' experience of working in the UDT equipment services market. We specialise in providing services related to sales, service and purchase advice. Each of the aforementioned sectors is supervised by our group of professionals in their profession. 

The services we provide 

Based on the comfort of our customers, we offer universal services related to UDT equipment, among others: 

  • audits, 
  • UDT machine service, 
  • sale of new and second-hand equipment, 
  • purchase discussions with advisors, 
  • machinery hire (forklifts and scissor lifts), 
  • diagnostic consultations. 

Sale and rental of UDT equipment 

Service work with crane

Our product range includes respected brands on the market. We sell new as well as used UDT machines. The used machines we put up for sale are carefully examined beforehand for their continued use in carrying out work. If the machine passes our tests, it goes up for sale; if not, we send it to our service centre, where we carry out the necessary maintenance to restore the machine to further use. However, when it comes to our new machines, which can be purchased, they can start working immediately. We enable our customers to have the equipment delivered to a pre-arranged address. The equipment you can purchase from us includes: 

  • HDS cranes, 
  • telescopic loaders, 
  • mobile platforms (scissor and basket lifts), 
  • forklift trucks. 

Above and beyond this, we offer you the rental of UDT machines, and more specifically this applies to the forklift and scissor lift. These machines are carefully examined by our specialists for further operation before being offered for sale. 


We offer you to take advantage of our purchasing assistance services, namely we have a group of expert consultants who will give you all the advice you need when selecting a machine. In addition to just helping you select the equipment, our advisors will give you all the information you need regarding the specifications of the machine. 

UDT machine service 

We offer comprehensive services for the repair, maintenance, modernisation and reconditioning of UDT equipment. In addition to these activities, we also carry out audits and periodic inspections. The work in the workshop is carried out by specialists who have several years' experience in the subject of repairs and other maintenance services. Orders in the workshop are carried out on spare parts, which allows us to complete the work more quickly. 

forklift truck at the exhibition


We also organise training courses for people who plan to take up a profession as a maintenance and/or UDT equipment operator. The courses are conducted by our instructors who are experienced in training. Our course is designed to prepare participants to pass the state examination. 

Participants on our course, once certified, will be able to operate forklifts from manufacturers such as: 

  • BT, 
  • Toyota, 
  • Hyundai, 
  • Mitsubishi, 
  • HC, 
  • Hako, 
  • Jungheinrich, 
  • OMG, 
  • Taski, 
  • Manitou, 
  • Hyster, 
  • Linde, 
  • Bauman, 
  • Yale, 
  • Nissan, 
  • Clark, 
  • OMV, 
  • Still, 
  • Komatsu. 

After completing the training and passing the exam, students will be able to operate mobile platforms from manufacturers such as: 

  • Lionlift, 
  • Bronto, 
  • Bizzocchi, 
  • Cella, 
  • CTE, 
  • Bottoms, 
  • Bocker, 
  • Euro Access, 
  • Eurozoom, 
  • Aerial, 
  • Steinweg, 
  • Dino lift, 
  • Basket, 
  • Grove, 
  • GSL, 
  • GSR, 
  • Holland lift, 
  • Omme, 
  • Haulotte. 

Questions and Answers

Do you allow consultations with an advisor?

Yes, we have a team of advisors to help with questions about choosing the right equipment.  

Do you provide training?

Of course, we provide training for people who want to become operators and/or maintainers of UDT equipment.