Get to know the welders and how they work 

The main action of the welding machine is based on melting the metal in the two pieces to be welded and joining them using a filler metal. This is done by means of high temperatures in the welding arc. All welding machines follow the same operating pattern. They are distinguished by welding techniques, which are defined by the type of welder and the purpose of the machine for the work. 

welder at work

Welding technologies 

In the welding industry, there is a main division of welding techniques: transformer inverter and centrifugal. Before choosing a machine, it is advisable to become more familiar with the aforementioned division. 

  • Transformer option - is the traditional technique in welding machines. Classic transformers are used to power them. It consists of a steel core and, in addition, a double winding: secondary and primary. The current flowing into the primary winding creates a magnetic field. Through electromagnetic induction, a voltage is applied to the secondary winding. The electric current is transformed into a high-temperature arc. It is behind this that the welding process takes place. 
  • Inverter option - In modern welding machines, the type of power supply is the inverter. The operation of an inverter welder is based on an electronic control system. It converts the current from the mains supply into direct current. The inverter separates the mains power supply, which increases safety in the use of the equipment and in the work itself. 
  • Vortex option - the oldest of the technologies used in welding machines, slowly being phased out. They are most often used in factories for heavy steel constructions. The operation of this type of welding machine is made possible by its construction - the centrifugal welder is equipped with an asynchronous motor and an AC generator with a rectifier.  

Advantages of individual welding technologies 

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Main advantages of transformer technology welders: 

  • uncomplicated design, 
  • low purchase cost, 
  • possibility of use in domestic work, 
  • high reliability, 
  • use of standard types of welding: MAG, MIG/MAG. 

Main advantages of welding machines with invention technology: 

  • the compactness of the device, 
  • mobility of the device, 
  • the possibility of determining the exact voltage of the current, during welding, 
  • convenience and precision of use, 
  • outdoor and indoor use, 
  • high quality welds, 
  • significant energy efficiency. 

Main advantages of vortex technology welders: 

  • Use for work on heavy steel structures, 
  • simplified design, 
  • ease of repair, 
  • safety of use, 
  • relatively small price, 
  • a significant number of spare parts, due to its long presence on the market. 


How exactly does a welding machine work?

The operation of a device such as a welding machine is based on fusing metal parts together using an electric arc. The workpieces are joined by a welding filler.

What is the latest technology used in welding machines?

The most modern technology available on the market is that in invention welders. It is based on power supply by means of an inverter.