Global Wind Organization Training - Questions and Answers

What is a training provider?

A GWO training provider is a school/training centre that offers GWO training.

What is GWO?

GWO (Global Wind Organisation) is a non-profit organisation set up by wind turbine manufacturers and owners such as Vestas, Siemens, Ørsted, Vattenfall, GE, Enercon etc. 

The founding aim of this organisation was to ensure safety in the industry, and in 2012 the first version of the GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) standard was released.  

This safety standard was followed in 2017 by the Basic Technical Training (BTT) standard. 

Since then, new GWO standards have been issued, such as GWO Advanced Rescue (ART) and GWO Enhanced First Aid (EFA). 

What is a GWO certificate?

There are several GWO certifications. The mandatory certification for working in the wind turbine industry is GWO BST (Basic Safety Training).  

Having GWO certification is essential for technicians, site managers, health and safety personnel, subcontractors, etc. Having GWO certified training is essential for all those working in the wind energy industry. 

What is GWO BST (Basic Safety Training)? 

GWO BST training (Basic Safety Training) is an introduction to the wind turbine industry. 

At the GWO BST training you will learn how to work safely in this industry. 

The GWO BST (Basic Safety Training) certificate covers five modules: 

  • GWO WAH (working at height) 
  • GWO FAW (fire awareness) 
  • GWO FA (first aid) 
  • GWO MH (manual handling of loads) 
  • GWO SS (survival at sea) 

And one module connected Working at Heights & Manual Handling 

The first four modules are required to work on land. If the person works on the open sea, all modules will be necessary

How long are GWO certificates valid? 

All GWO Safety training courses are valid for 24 months
GWO BTT (technical training) is valid indefinitely. 

What is GWO BTT?

GWO BTT Basic Technical Training is GWO's technical training.   

GWO BTT includes 3 modules: 

  • GWO Mechanical 
  • GWO Electrical 
  • GWO Hydraulic 

The training lasts 4.5 days

What is WINDA ID?

WINDA ID is a personal identifier for all GWO certificates, which can be found in the common Wind Industry Database. It provides confirmation to the employee, supervisors and anyone else who needs it that the person has valid GWO certificates. 

What is a WINDOW?

WINDOW is the Wind Turbine Industry Database. 
Upon completion of the GWO training, your score will be uploaded to the WINDA database. 
In this way, an employee, superiors or a company that is about to employ a person can search for a personal WINDA ID and find valid GWO certificates that the person has acquired after training. 

How do I register in the WINDA database? 

Registration is done by yourself using the link: 

 General guidelines: 

  • register 
  • follow the guidelines (we recommend using a private email account rather than a company email address) 
  • open your own mailbox and activate WINDA ID 

What is GWO Sea Survival?

A valid GWO Sea Survival certificate is required to work in the offshore wind turbine industry. 
This is a 1-day training course where you will learn how to work safely at sea.

Where do wind turbine technicians work?

Technicians work on land or at sea.  

The work can involve very different tasks: 

  • Installation; 
  • service and maintenance; 
  • inspection and repair of wind turbine blades; 
  • inspections; 
  • pre-assembly; 
  • electrical tasks; 
  • tasks related to mechanics; 
  • software; 
  • supervision; 

Does a worker need to be able to evacuate a wind turbine?

The worker should be able to evacuate himself and his colleague from the wind turbine. 

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