Health and safety requirements

Employers are obliged to comply with the provisions on health and safety at work. These regulations indicate what should be done to reduce the risk of accidents at work, occupational diseases and other hazards at the workplace. Failure to comply with health and safety regulations exposes both the employer and employees, which is why it is so important to meet the requirements in this regard.

The employer's obligations in the field of health and safety include, among others:

  • ensuring proper protection of health and life of its employees
  • organization of work in accordance with the provisions of occupational health and safety
  • responding to the needs of employees
  • preventing occupational diseases and accidents at work
  • implementation of the decisions, orders and orders of the supervisory authorities
  • initial and periodic health and safety training i Fire
  • providing employees with data relating to occupational risk and risks at the workplace
  • presenting employees with activities related to the reduction and elimination of hazards at the workplace
  • appointing employees responsible for the implementation of fire fighting, first aid and evacuation activities
  • delivery of personal protective equipment
  • proper equipment of work stations
  • care for the technical condition of machines

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