Health and safety service

At the OSO Operator Training Center, we provide our business clients with full service in the field of occupational health and safety and fire safety. Thanks to our support, your company will function properly in this respect, which is why cooperation with us is a favorable solution - also in terms of price! In accordance with the legal requirements, every employer must take care of safety in their workplace - proper training of employees, preparation of workplaces, creating documentation and other activities in this regard. It is not necessary to hire experts in this field, but you can use outsourcing services to save a lot of money.

Our health and safety service i Fire for companies includes services such as:

  • conducting initial and periodic training for employees at all workplaces - general instruction and workplace instruction
  • OHS and fire protection supervision at the workplace and related documents
  • preparing analyzes and assessments occupational risk
  • preparation of general and job instructions
  • conducting post-accident proceedings with documentation
  • technical and legal advice
  • audits and reviews of health and safety and fire protection in the workplace

We provide full service in cities such as Warsaw, Krakow, Bielsko-Biała, Katowice and all over Poland with access to the customer. The prices of services are set individually depending on the scope of work - please contact our employees who will prepare a quote. If you have any questions, we are also available.

We invite you to use our services!

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