G1 course - get qualifications with us!

G1 courses

We encourage you to sign up for the G1 - electrical power engineering course, which is intended for electricians and other people working with devices, installations and networks that generate, process, transmit and consume electricity in the field of their operation, maintenance, repair, assembly, control and measurement works.

In our SPA Center, we provide students with comprehensive and professional preparation - we have many years of experience and we are focused on customer satisfaction. We hope we can meet your requirements as well.

The G1 training aims to provide knowledge about the provisions and requirements related to the operation and supervision of devices, installations and power networks up to and above 1 kV. Thanks to it, you can get the so-called "G1" 1kV allowances.

G1 permissions are needed for:

  • devices, installations and power networks with a voltage of not more than 1 kV
  • devices, installations and networks with a rated voltage above 1 kV
  • generating devices connected to the national power grid, regardless of the level of the rated voltage
  • electric traction network
  • generating sets with a power over 50 kW
  • explosion-proof electrical equipment
  • electric street lighting networks
  • electrolysis equipment
  • electrothermal devices
  • control and measurement apparatus as well as devices and installations for automatic regulation, control and protection of devices and installations mentioned above

In SPA, we have modern facilities that allow us to conduct classes in a comprehensive, professional and interesting way for students. Exam with us or before committees (SEP, PSE, SIMP, SITPS) you can pass without any problems and obtain electrical qualifications - certificate of qualification.

Admission Requirements:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • at least basic education

Where do we operate

We are available to our clients in the cities of Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, and Bielsko-Biała. We also conduct classes for organized groups in previously agreed places throughout the country.

We cordially invite you to take advantage of the training at the SPA Operators Training Center!

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