Course for aerial work platforms 

 Aerial platforms are devices with a platform mounted on a truck trailer This training program was created for people who want to become specialists in operating aerial platforms - aerial work platforms. The students not only learn how to use the devices in theory and practice, but also prepare for the state UDT exam. The training ends with an exam before the committee, and passing it allows you to obtain the qualifications needed for work.

UDT qualifications for basket platforms

Obtaining qualifications as a result of a passed exam allows you to start working in the profession of operator. The qualification certificate is in the form of a photo card and is issued for 5 years. Increase entitlements are valid throughout Poland, and may also be honored in selected other countries. For this purpose, we recommend purchasing a training completion certificate according to ISO 18878.

What kind of work can be done with a basket lift

The so-called jacks are one of the most popular types of mobile platforms, i.e. devices designed to transport people vertically to the workplace. These devices are mounted on cars and equipped with a boom with a platform. Thanks to the attachment on a trailer, the lifts are able to move smoothly in the field. They are used for the assembly and repairs of street lighting, at construction sites and renovation of buildings, facade painting, cleaning works in green areas - cutting trees, pruning branches. The booth is a device that is in the stock of many construction, energy and even advertising companies.

Course: aerial platforms - detailed information


The increase rate is divided into theoretical and practical parts. Students have the opportunity to learn the construction of various types of aerial platforms, learn about safety rules and technical supervision regulations. Later, they learn how to handle the increases individually. The scope of the material may differ from group to group, as the training is attended by people with different levels of experience.

Individual and company classes

You can learn how to use aerial work platforms during open training sessions, organized on the dates specified on our website. The locations of the courses for aerial work platforms are Warsaw, Katowice, Krakow, if necessary, it is also possible to organize courses on request for company employees. Then the instructors can go to the place indicated by the client.

What is included in the price of the training

As part of the course fee, participants receive access to materials on the training platform, the appropriate number of theoretical and practical hours (duration may vary in different groups, depending on the level of advancement), access to devices and equipment during practical classes, refreshments during breaks coffee. Each participant receives a certificate of completion of the course, the price also includes an exam before the UDT commission.

How to register

To register for the course, you must contact us by phone or e-mail and provide details of your work experience and education. Willing persons will then receive from us detailed information on the dates, locations and the program of activities.
The lift can be used for work related to the installation of lighting, construction sites and repairs

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