UDT exam for overhead cranes - questions

UDT exam for overhead cranes - course, sample questions

In order to work with cranes, you must have completed the relevant crane course and obtained a UDT qualifications to operate this type of equipment. The training provides participants with comprehensive knowledge about working with cranes. After this preparation, participants can take an examination - successful completion of the exam will allow them to obtain a licence to operate cranes.

Rules on the method of conducting examinations for handling equipment for handling:

Theoretical exam (oral):

  • The duration of the theory test: maximum 1 hour.
  • The examination questions are divided into sets. The allocation criterion is the category of allowances.
  • During the examination, committee members ask the examiner 5 questions, including 2 general questions and 3 for a given type and scope of qualifications.
  • The result of the exam is positive if the candidate answers correctly at least 1 question in the general part and 2 questions in a given category of qualifications.

Practical exam:

  • Duration of the practical test: maximum 1 hour.
  • During the practical examination, the members of the commission determine the examiner a practical task to be performed.
  • The exam result is positive if the examined person carries out all the maintenance activities correctly.

During the theory test, the examining board asks questions in the following categories:

  • knowledge of legal regulations in the field of device operation
  • the types of handling equipment covered by the scope of the authorization
  • device construction and device mechanisms
  • load capacity (load characteristics)
  • electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment
  • knowledge of the operating manual in the field of operation
  • dangerous damage and accident - procedure to follow
  • cooperation with hook and whistleblowers
  • work in specific conditions
  • conditions for safe work when operating devices

Sample questions during the UDT exam for gantry qualifications:

  • What are the categories of crane licenses and what do they contain?
  • What are the types of cranes?
  • What are the most important technical data of the cranes?
  • What elements is the crane made of?
  • What is the division of steel ropes in overhead cranes?
  • What safety devices are used in cranes?
  • How should you behave in the event of damage to the crane?
  • What activities can not be performed during work with an overhead crane?

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