Scissor lifts service - a course for operators

Scissor lifts - devices covered by UDT technical supervision, requiring authorizationThe scissor lift course comprehensively prepares you to work as an operator. First of all, it makes it easier to pass the UDT exam necessary to obtain qualifications. The curriculum is flexible and has been designed both for people with no experience and for those who want to complete their qualifications. Provides theoretical and practical preparation.

Training courses preparing for UDT exams

The authorizations granted by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) enable the performance of works on all types of platforms covered by technical supervision. In the case of mobile platforms (including scissor lifts), these qualifications are granted for 5 years.

The scissor lifts course program has been designed with the exam preparation in mind. The theoretical and practical training (UDT conducts the exam in this form) includes, among others:

  • Information on machine construction, safe operation, and the use of the manual
  • Principles of operation
  • Technical inspection of devices
  • Practical exercises in the use of scissor lifts

Details of the price increase course (price, number of hours, place of training) are determined by individual contact with the client. The center organizes open training, which can be attended by anyone interested, and closed training - in this case only employees employed in a given company take part in it.

The classes may also be attended by people without previous experience in operating scissor lifts. In their case, the duration of the course is longer, but they receive full knowledge necessary to pass the UDT exam. Experienced people can take part in an abbreviated version of the training to complete the necessary information. Online classes are also available for such people.

Qualifications for lifts - employment opportunities

Training completed and earned UDT qualifications allow you to quickly find employment in the profession. Riser operators are wanted, among others, in:

  • Construction and renovation companies
  • Power plants - in teams dealing with the repair and replacement of lighting
  • Companies dealing with the conservation of monuments, cleaning glass surfaces in buildings
  • Plants with their own high-bay warehouses and factory halls
  • Advertising companies - in works related to the installation of banners and billboards, as well as in the construction of stands at fairs

By investing in your own equipment, you can also provide lift rental services and do your own work.

Operation of scissor lifts requires a license confirmed by the Office of Technical Inspection

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