Operation of equipment for filling and emptying transport tanks

milk tanker.We specialise in providing vocational training and train professionals throughout Poland. We invite you to attend a training course on equipment for filling and emptying transport tanks for non-hazardous materials that are filled, emptied or transported under pressure. We have been providing training nationwide for more than a dozen years. We provide a guarantee for gaining new skills and qualifications for the profession. We have thousands of satisfied customers.

Training programme

Classes at our centre are divided into three stages, with the trainee starting with theoretical classes. During the lectures, the participant will learn about the most important issues, after which he or she will undertake practical tasks under the guidance of our specialists. The final stage is an examination at our training centre. Once the participant is thus prepared, he or she will take the state examination before a commission appointed by the Transport Technical Supervision

Key issues pursued during the course include:

  • operation of equipment
  • filling a food tanker.principles of operation and handling of transport tanks
  • technical conditions for technical inspection
  • construction of equipment and its application
  • safety rules and first aid
  • equipment for filling and emptying transport tanks
  • applicable legislation
  • maintenance and repair work
  • technical documentation
  • principles and requirements of occupational safety
  • preparation of contingency plans
  • rules to be followed in the event of an accident, fire or other emergency.

Exam and qualifications

After completing the training at our centre, the participant can take a state examination before a commission appointed by the TDT. A positive result of the examination confers the entitlement to practice the profession in the form of a qualification certificate. The period of validity of the qualification is 10 years.

Where do we train?

Our training headquarters are in Warsaw, but we train specialists all over Poland. We are in possession of special vehicles which enable us to drive to the address indicated by our client.

Conditions of participation

qualification certificate.To take part in the vocational course, you must be at least 18 years of age and, have at least an elementary school education and provide a medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications to the occupation.

Other professional courses held at our centre:

  • course on working at heights
  • UDT operator course
  • courses G1, G2, G3
  • forklift operator course
  • scaffolding maintenance course.


Who is the examination body during the examination for filling and emptying equipment for non-hazardous transport containers?

The examination body for the training is the Transport Technical Supervision.

For how long are allowances granted?

Entitlements are issued for 10 years, after which they can be renewed.

Where is the training provided?

We train specialists in our centre, which is located in Warsaw, but we also have a mobile offer with travel to the client. 

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