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Become a mobile crane operator 

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Ośrodek Szkolenia Operatorów OSO is a company that has been providing training and courses for employees working with large-scale equipment for years. Our courses offer instruction in the control of overhead cranes, forklifts, hoists, cranes and many other machines. We provide comprehensive classes with some of the most qualified professionals. 

General overview of the training 

The courses are based on standards that comply with the law, i.e. the requirements of the UDT. Training is conducted in a friendly atmosphere by some of the best specialists in the field. The basic idea is to prepare the trainees not only for their daily duties, but also for the challenges associated with the specifics of the profession.

The training consists of both theoretical and practical parts. It includes classes on: 

  • types of cranes,  
  • health and safety regulations, 
  • mechanical engineering, 
  • lifting tasks, 
  • the rules for transporting the different types of material, 
  • equipment maintenance. 

In order to obtain an operator's licence, it is required to pass a special examination before a board consisting of representatives of the Office of Technical Inspection.   

Crane - what does it mean?  

mobile crane at work

Cranes include a wide group of machines, also functioning under the name of crane equipment, whose task is to move materials and bulky goods. Of course, cranes vary in type, so loads can be moved by platforms as well as by various types of hoists or jacks. Cranes, like many other similar machines, are subject to the Office of Technical Inspection, so a licence is needed to operate them.  

Requirements for those interested in the course  

To join the course you must:   

  • be of legal age,   
  • obtain a certificate from a doctor that there are no contraindications to practising the profession,  
  • have at least a primary school education. 

Location of training 

Training courses are held both in Warsaw at our central location and in branches located in cities throughout Poland. If the client expresses an interest, we are ready to carry out the classes with travel to the client. The course can take the form of both a closed course - intended for the whole company - and an open one, in which everyone can take part individually.  

The current price list and schedule are available on our website. However, the price is dependent on the interest in a particular course. 

Why us? 

mobile crane with hook

By completing our training course, you can easily obtain a position as a mobile crane operator. The graduate of our course should be able to handle the equipment without any problems. The skills acquired during the course should also provide a solid basis for expanding your knowledge when working with other heavy equipment as well. 

Post-course work  

Once all the necessary documents and licences have been acquired, the trainee should have no problem finding a job in any industry that uses cranes. These machines are primarily used to move material and tools, so they are very often used at construction sites of all kinds. They are also useful in factories and production halls, as well as warehouses. They are also used in transport and heavy industry, such as shipyards. Some cranes are also used in marketing (hanging advertisements), telecommunications and tree felling.  


How is crane operator training carried out?

Our training courses consist of both theoretical and practical parts. The classes comprehensively prepare you to operate the equipment in question.  

Do I need a university degree to take an operator course?

No. Participants in the course do not need to have more than a primary school education. Instead, they must be of legal age and have the appropriate medical certificate. 

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