Ergonomic assessment

Work ergonomics is one of the key elements of occupational health and safety. A properly prepared workplace should be ergonomic, i.e. designed so that the performance of commissioned activities is easier, faster and at the same time does not cause an increased risk of accidents at work and occupational diseases. it meets the requirements of ergonomics. The following methods are used for this purpose:

  • KIM - Key Item Method - a method of key indicators for manual lifting
  • REBA - Rapid Entire Body Assessment - quick overall body posture assessment during work
  • OWAS - Ovako Working Posture Analysis System - a method of static load analysis

These methods allow for a comprehensive examination of the workplace to check its ergonomics. They take into account factors such as:

  • physical workload
  • mental stress
  • workplace anthropometry
  • working environment in terms of noise, hygiene, vibration and microclimate standards
  • arrangement of control and monitoring systems
  • and others depending on the workplace

The analysis of all these factors allows for the determination of the current ergonomic assessment of the workplace and indicates ways to improve, when they are recommended. After carrying out an ergonomic assessment, the client receives a letter with the analysis, assessment and recommendations.

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