Manual soldering for beginners

manual soldering

With us, you will learn about the soldering process and how to use specific tools and materials. We will teach you the skills you need to use during the related tasks. In addition, we offer an individual approach to each student and provide all useful tools and accessories. We will also provide you with teaching materials, containing a collection of important information that can be particularly helpful for your first independent attempts at soldering. 

The form of the course 

The training is based on an electronic platform (theoretical classes) and on-site workshops. On request, by prior arrangement, a weekend course is available to enable training to be combined with work and study. It is worth mentioning that we are keen to ensure that the students of our course for beginner soldering iron operators get the most out of the training. That is why the activity of the participants is welcome. We particularly invite you to: 

  • Active participation in class (asking questions, sharing own insights and experiences), 
  • Familiarise yourself with the teaching materials provided on the course, 
  • Self-study (additional publications recommended during the course), 
  • Carry out prescribed tasks. 


In a programme of both theoretical and practical-technical activities, you will find topics such as: 

  • Theory of soldering basics, 
  • Repair in the area of electronics, 
  • Types of soldering irons and rules for their use, 
  • Basic soldering errors (case studies), 
  • Soldering - practice, 
  • Repair of wires (making soldered connections and desoldering), 
  • Health and safety rules i Fire

Why take part in the training? 

soldering iron

For soldering work, the course offers many tangible benefits and opportunities: 

  • Acquisition of theoretical knowledge of the basics of soldering, 
  • Mastering soldering operations in practice, 
  • Exchange experiences with others with similar motivations and interests, 
  • Improving your skills, 
  • Gain greater confidence in carrying out effective soldering work at home and in the workshop. 

A few words about soldering 

Soldering is a type of technology used to join metal components using what is known as solder. Solder is the metallic substance and the binder in the soldering process. The melting point of the solder should be significantly lower than the melting point of the materials to be joined. It is believed that the first soldering techniques existed as far back as ancient Egypt. As civilisation progressed, these techniques were not only perfected, but also new methods of soldering were developed. Today, soldering is used in many industries and in the home. Workers like to use this activity when joining wires or repairing various electronic devices, such as computer components. Of course, soldering requires skills to avoid mistakes, such as: 

  • The formation of air bubbles in the soldered joint, 
  • Misplacement of soldered components due to uncontrolled movement, 
  • Inappropriate amount of binder, 
  • Cracking of the soldered connection, 
  • Unsuitable connector shape, 
  • The phenomenon of so-called cold soldering, 
  • The ingress of unauthorised substances from outside into the joint construction, 
  • Use of the wrong binder, 
  • Inappropriate temperature of soldering carried out, 
  • Selection of the wrong soldering method. 

You should avoid rush and remember about accuracy and precision, because the purpose of soldering is to obtain a good quality joint. 

A quick guide to the soldering process 

Action Course Additional materials needed 
cleaning removing dirt, grease, coatings and oxides from elements file (mechanical cleaning), appropriate type of cleaning agent, cloth, brush 
heating of components remember to properly prepare the flux and solder, then we operate with the soldering iron flux, feb 
waiting time for the joint to form basic soldering follows, we wait; in the meantime, diffusion and adhesion phenomena take place -
cooling of the joint and cleaning of its surface we remove excess auxiliary substances after soldering cleaning agent for surfaces after soldering, cloth, brush 

What about the beginner's course? 

students in the training room

You may also be interested to know that we offer an advanced course. It is intended for people who have already completed a beginners' course and want to deepen their knowledge and acquire new skills in the operation of a soldering iron. If you would like to extend your professional qualifications even further, we encourage you to take a look at the details of our advanced soldering course. 

We invite you to participate in our courses 

We are a company that has been active in the training sector for 15 years. Our asset is our extensive experience in the organisation of training courses, dedicated to both individuals and institutional entities. In order to provide our students with the best possible conditions for acquiring and improving their competencies, we cooperate with lecturers and instructors who are distinguished by their expert knowledge, professionalism and extensive didactic experience in the field of soldering methods.  

Join us for a solid and concrete training course at a reasonable price. If you are interested in our soldering basics training offer, please contact our consultant and sign up for training. 

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