First aid - requirements

The Labor Code, and more precisely the Act Amending the Act of November 21, 2008 (Journal of Laws No. 223, item 1460), Art. 2091 defines the requirements for employers in the field of first aid. All employers are required to comply with the first aid requirements.

The regulations oblige employers to:

  • providing resources necessary to provide first aid in the event of fire, evacuation or other emergencies
  • indication among employees of the person who will be responsible for providing it
  • ensure liaison with emergency services

In the workplace, the employer must indicate the employee who will handle the first aid measures. For this purpose, you can use first aid course pre-medical, which includes theoretical information and practical exercises. The employer may also order all employees to be trained in first aid. After completing the training, its participants receive appropriate certificates.

First aid activities in the workplace must be individually tailored to the company's business profile, as well as the number of employees and the type of risks. To do this, the employer can use the advisory services provided by specialists. Employers who do not comply with the provisions of the Code of Law and other provisions regarding first aid may face financial penalties.

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