Assessment of positions for disabled people

The employment of a person with a disability requires that the workplace is suitably prepared - the working environment for a person with a disability should be suitable and friendly for them. At our CSO Centre, we are able to help you if you are creating just such a workplace for a new employee.National and European regulations require that safe working conditions are provided for the employee. It is necessary to prepare a workplace assessment for a disabled person. This is a procedure to comprehensively analyse the workplace and to identify ways to improve Health and Safety and comfort of a disabled person.

The job evaluation for a disabled person includes, among others, activities such as:

  • checking whether the work is a risk factor and whether the disabled person can do it without any obstacles and risks for colleagues
  • determination of working conditions and hazards at a given workplace
  • determining the optimal system and working time
  • assigning tasks, their frequency and time for the disabled employee
  • term occupational risk for a given job
  • indication of the necessary facilities for work, including appropriate equipment, materials, social and sanitary facilities

Our specialists will travel to your company and carry out all the necessary activities to determine the requirements of the position for a disabled person. We are able to provide the service throughout the country with access. When you have questions related to our health and safety service, please call or e-mail - we will answer as soon as possible!

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