Risk assessment

Occupational risk is differently the probability of occurrence of threats - adverse events. They can affect employees, including their lives, in the form of accidents or occupational diseases. According to the regulations, the employer must prepare a risk assessment for all workplaces and inform employees about this risk.

We provide comprehensive assistance in the field of occupational health and safety - one of our specialties in this field is the development of occupational risk assessments, for which we use various methodologies. Thanks to the appropriately selected methodology, it is possible to effectively and precisely determine the risks at the workplace.

In our work, we use the following methodologies:

  • PHA - Preliminary Hazard Analysis - a method of preliminary hazard analysis
  • risk matrix according to the PN-N-18002 standard on a five-point scale
  • RISK SCORE - risk indicator - qualitative method of occupational risk assessment
  • KIM - For Hand Leverage - Key Indicators Method
  • FMEA - Failure Mode and Effect Analysis - analysis of the types and effects of possible errors
  • REBA - Rapid Entire Body Assessment - quick overall body posture assessment during work
  • HAZOP - Hazard and Operability Study - analysis of threats and operational capabilities
  • OWAS - Ovako Working Posture Analysis System - a method of static load analysis
  • other methods for the harmful factors for which the measurements were made

If you want the health and safety at work in your workplace to be of a high standard, choose our services!

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