Do you want to learn how to assemble scaffolding efficiently and safely?

Become a scaffolder

Working on a construction site is undoubtedly not the easiest of jobs. It requires employees to be not only fit, but also competent in the use of specialised equipment. Investing in a scaffolding qualification course is therefore a very good decision if you are considering broadening your skills in the construction sector. 

the fitter performs his/her duties

During the scaffolding assembly course at OSO, you will gain the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to safely and efficiently perform scaffolding assembly work. During our training, you will not only have the opportunity to confirm your newly acquired skills, but also gain valuable experience needed in your future work. Under the watchful eye of our experienced trainers, anyone can acquire a license to install scaffolding.  

Who can take part in the training? 

Our trainers are experienced staff at a high level, ready to train anyone, regardless of the level of previous experience in the work of a scaffolding fitter.  

In order to participate in the installation course conducted at OSO, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • 18 years or older, 
  • Education at least elementary, 
  • No medical contraindications to practise as a scaffolder. 

Anyone who meets all of the above conditions can take advantage of the OSO company's offer to expand their competences with qualifications for the assembly of scaffolding. 

What is the scaffold assembler's course? 

Like most other courses offered at OSO, the scaffolding installer course consists of three parts: theoretical, practical and a final exam. The qualifications gained on the course are unlimited, anyone who completes the training course with a pass in the examination will be awarded a scaffolding licence. What do the different parts of the training look like? 

The first part of the scaffold assembler's course is the theoretical part. At this stage, students will learn a number of basic issues needed to work as a scaffolding fitter. The scope of information provided in the theoretical part includes: 

  • Health and safety rules used in the assembly and disassembly of scaffolding, 
  • Ways of keeping adequate technical records, 
  • Rules for the use of scaffolding, 
  • Types of pipes used in scaffolding assembly, 
  • Ways to fold the scaffolding correctly, 
  • Activities before and after scaffolding work. 
workers on the scaffolding

In the theoretical part, our training staff provides the trainees with all the information they need to work safely on the scaffolding. Additionally, classes in the theoretical part can be conducted remotely, at the client's request, via our online education platform. After a series of lectures on theoretical knowledge, the time comes for the practical part of the course. The practical part consists of exercises in designated facilities. 

Final exam 

At the end of the course, each trainee takes an examination consisting of two parts. The scaffolding assembly course concludes with an examination consisting, like the course, of two parts: theoretical and practical. The exam takes place before an Examination Board appointed by the Institute of Construction and Rock Mining Mechanisation based in Warsaw. The first step is the theoretical part. It consists of a written exam with both closed and open questions. In the next, practical part of the exam, the trainees demonstrate in front of a commission the skills they have acquired during their training in relation to scaffolding work. Among other things, they must demonstrate the assembly and disassembly of the scaffolding themselves. Anyone who passes both parts of the examination will be awarded a scaffolding certificate. 

How much does the scaffold assembler's course cost? 

Our company offers courses for individuals as well as companies wishing to broaden the professional skills of their employees. In the first case, an open course is the best choice. Classes of this type are organised regularly and anyone who meets the basic requirements can take part. Training dates are regularly posted on the calendar on our website, along with prices. If you are interested in becoming certified in scaffolding assembly, please keep an eye on our website for the latest information. 

scaffolding at the block

Companies looking for courses for their employees please contact us by telephone with our consultants (it is also possible to leave your contact details on our website). The price of training for companies depends on a number of factors. Before contacting our company, we recommend that clients prepare information such as the number of candidates, their level of experience and potential training dates. Scaffolding assembly courses for company employees are held, like the rest of the training, at OSO's head office in Warsaw. However, our company has branches throughout the country where training can also be organised. Additionally our trainers are able to travel to individual customers and conduct a scaffolding assembly course at their company. If you would like to enrol your employees in a competence-enhancing training course, please contact our consultants for an individual offer. We are able to offer all customers a competitive price, in addition, companies willing to enter into a longer-term cooperation with OSO can count on preferential rates. 

What is included in the price of the scaffold assembler course? 

The training price primarily includes the full-time course. In addition to the knowledge transferred itself, OSO also offers our trainees access to a range of facilities as part of each training course: 

  • An online platform with course material to help students prepare for the final exam, 
  • Course completion certificate,  
  • Access to exercise equipment during practical classes, 
  • Additional refreshments for those taking the scaffolding installer course (coffee, tea, biscuits), 
  • Organisation and conduct of the final examination with the committee of the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining. 

In addition, our company is able to offer support with the organisation of accommodation for employees commuting to the training from remote locations. Those interested in the offer are encouraged to call our consultants. 


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