Scaffolding assembly course

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Become a scaffolder

The OSO company invites you to a training course preparing you for the position of a scaffolding assembler. After completing the competition, each participant will be able to take an exam to obtain a licence, which is issued by the Institute of Construction and Rock Mining Mechanisation in Warsaw.  

A scaffolding erector is a person who is responsible for assembling and dismantling a structure that allows work to be carried out safely at height. Such a person must be able to read technical drawings and site plans, as these are the basis for the correct erection of the scaffolding. 

Types and breakdown of scaffolding

By design, we can divide them into: 

  • stand, 
  • modular, 
  • framework, 
  • columns (Warsaw), 
  • special, 
  • cantilevered, 
  • GOAT.  
the fitter performs his/her duties

Because of the way they are used: 

  • immobile, 
  • movable (mobile). 

Because of the material they are made of: 

  • aluminium, 
  • steel, 
  • wooden, 
  • from other materials. 

Scaffolding is not an easy job on a construction site; it requires not only good fitness, but also the necessary skills to operate specialised equipment. Investing in a scaffolding qualification course is therefore a very good decision if you are considering improving your skills in the construction sector.  

On the scaffolding assembly course at OSO you will acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge, but also the practical skills to perform scaffolding assembly work safely and efficiently. During our training you will not only have the opportunity to confirm your newly acquired skills, but you will also gain valuable experience for your future work. Under the guidance of our experienced trainers, anyone can become qualified to install scaffolding. 

Who can take part in the training? 

Our trainers are highly experienced and ready to train anyone, regardless of their level of previous experience as a scaffolder. To attend the course you must have: 

  • at least 18 years old. 
  • at least primary education. 
  • permission from a doctor to practise as a scaffolder. 

Anyone who meets all of the above conditions can take advantage of OSO's offer to extend their competence with a scaffolding installation qualification. 

What is the scaffold assembler's course? 

Like most other courses offered at OSO, the course is divided into a theoretical part, a practical part and a final exam. The qualifications gained on the course are perpetual, anyone who completes the training with a passing grade on the exam will receive a scaffolding installation licence.  

What are the different parts of the training? 

Theoretical part 

The first part of the scaffolding installer course, is the theoretical part. At this stage, trainees learn a number of basics needed to work as a scaffolding assembler. The range of information provided in the theoretical part includes: 

  • Health and safety rules applicable to the assembly and disassembly of scaffolding. 
  • Ways of keeping adequate technical records. 
  • Rules for the use of scaffolding. 
  • Types of pipes used in scaffolding assembly. 
  • How to assemble scaffolding correctly. 
  • Activities before and after scaffolding work. 

In the theoretical part, our training staff, give the trainees all the information they need to work safely on the scaffolding. In addition, the theoretical part of the course can, on request, be conducted remotely via our online learning platform.. After a series of lectures on theoretical knowledge, it is time for the practical part of the course. 

Practical part 

During practical classes, students have the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills and test their knowledge. Here, candidates will learn: 

  • How to carry out preparatory work before scaffolding installation; 
  • How to properly estimate the size of a scaffolding work crew; 
  • What material to prepare for scaffolding work; 
  • How to quickly and safely undertake the assembly and disassembly of various types of scaffolding; 
  • How to correctly check the technical condition of the scaffolding. 

All practical exercises take place on dedicated equipment provided to trainees by OSO. Participants in our training courses have the chance to thoroughly practice their newly acquired knowledge under controlled conditions, and our trainers will ensure that everyone can be confident in their skills after completing the course. 

Final examination 

The course concludes with an examination which, like the training, consists of two parts, theoretical and practical. The examination takes place in front of an examination board of the IMBiGS. The theoretical part consists of a written examination with both closed and open questions. In the next, practical part of the exam, the trainees demonstrate in front of the commission the skills they have acquired during their training in connection with scaffolding work. Amongst other things, they must independently demonstrate the assembly and disassembly of the scaffolding. Anyone who passes both parts of the examination will be awarded a certificate for scaffolding work. Who is the training for? Our company offers courses for both private individuals and companies who want to enhance the professional competence of their employees. In the first case, an open course is the best choice. Classes of this type are organised regularly and anyone who meets the basic requirements can take part. Anyone wishing to become qualified in scaffolding assembly is encouraged to follow our website and the information we provide.  

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How much does the scaffold assembler's course cost? 

Companies looking for courses for their employees are welcome to call our consultants (it is also possible to leave your contact details on our website). The price of training courses for companies depends on a number of factors. Before contacting our company, we recommend that clients prepare information such as the number of participants, their level of experience and potential training dates.  

Where do we conduct training? 

Scaffolding erector courses for company employees, are held at OSO's premises or at the customer's premises. Our company has branches throughout the country, in addition our staff are able to travel to individual customers and conduct scaffolding erector courses on site.  

Entrepreneurs wishing to enrol their employees in vocational training are welcome to contact our consultants for an individual offer. We are able to offer all clients preferential prices. 

What is included in the price of the scaffold assembler course? 

The price of the training mainly includes a theoretical and practical course, where the necessary knowledge and skills for working with scaffolding are imparted. In addition, OSO also offers access to a number of facilities as part of each training course: 

  • An online platform with course material to help students prepare for the final exam, 
  • Course completion certificate, 
  • Access to exercise equipment during practical classes, 
  • Additional refreshments for those taking the scaffolding installer course, 
  • Organisation and conduct of the final examination, before an examination board.  

Those interested in the offer are encouraged to call our consultants.


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