Authorization to repair and maintain UDT devices: a course with a state examination

A person with UDT qualifications for the maintenance of UDT devices can repair mobile platforms, cranes, forklifts or other devices on their own.Handling equipment is a category that includes, among others, cranes and other types of cranes, overhead cranes, hoists and winches, forklifts, basket lifts and other types of mobile platforms. All the devices listed are covered by the technical supervision of the Office of Technical Inspection. In practice, this means, among other things, that their repairs, maintenance and inspections cannot be carried out by random people, but only by those who have the authorization granted by the Office of Technical Inspection. For people who want to obtain the qualifications needed as a conservator, we have created an offer of courses covering theoretical and practical issues. Each participant of the course may take the state examination conducted in our center after the end of the course.

UDT course for conservators of handling equipment

Training for conservators it lasts from 32 to 96 hours. The exact duration is determined flexibly, taking into account the needs of the training participants. Classes consist of lectures and practical exercises on the maneuvering yard.

Each of the courses is devoted to the maintenance of a given type of equipment. We organize courses in the field of maintenance of stationary, hanging, mast, mobile platforms, aerial platforms, overhead cranes, hoists and winches, forklifts, cranes and cranes.

The timetable for each course is as follows:

    1. Issues related to the construction, types and mode of operation of devices.
    2. Legal regulations, technical supervision regulations.
    3. Health and safety rules valid for operation and maintenance.
    4. Rules for removing the most common faults.
    5. Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical parts.
    6. Ways to take care of the proper technical condition of devices.
    7. Reading the operating instructions and technical documentation.

During practical classes, we provide the opportunity to use the equipment and necessary protective measures.
The classes may be attended by all persons over 18 years of age and at least primary education. We also require an appropriate health condition that allows you to work with a given type of devices.

Examination for UDT qualifications for equipment conservators

The approach to the state examination is included in the course fee. When taking part in the classes, you do not have to register for the exam - we do it on your behalf. The qualifications are checked by the commission of the Office of Technical Inspection, which conducts a knowledge test and checks practical skills. After passing the exam, they are awarded UDT qualifications valid for 5 consecutive years. They are valid for work throughout Poland.

Practical information for those interested in participating in the training

If you want to know the nearest dates and location of classes and sign up for the training, please visit the website There you will find up-to-date information and make online payments, which is tantamount to booking a place for the training. We can provide additional information by phone or e-mail.

With UDT conservator qualifications, you can work full-time or run your own service

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