Fire protection - requirements

The most important recipes Fire are included in the Fire Protection Act of August 24, 1991. (Journal of Laws of 1991, No. 81, item 351, as amended). They oblige employers to carry out activities related to fire protection.Managers or owners of buildings, facilities or land, as well as their users, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, are obliged to:

  • compliance with technological, construction and installation requirements in the field of fire protection
  • providing the facility with appropriate fire and rescue equipment, depending on the requirements in this regard
  • carrying out systematic repair and maintenance works on fire-fighting and rescue equipment in order to prevent their failures
  • defining the evacuation procedure and procedures in the event of a rescue operation
  • familiarize employees with applicable fire regulations
  • appointing an employee responsible for the implementation of fire protection regulations

Penalties may be incurred in the event of non-compliance with fire protection regulations. Specialists with authorizations granted by the State Fire Service are appointed to conduct inspections.

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