Mast climbing work platforms - for operators

Operating the mast climbing work platform requires a licenseProfessional qualifications are required from people who want to work as an operator of mast climbing work platforms. The qualifications issued by UDT are a document confirming the following qualifications: ability to operate devices, knowledge of the regulations and principles of safe operation.

All those who would like to obtain such qualifications are invited to take part in our "Mast mobile platforms" course. The curriculum takes into account the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection and the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 18 July 2001 on the procedure for checking the qualifications required for the operation and maintenance of technical devices. This means that attending classes is a good source of knowledge and skills for those who wish to take the exam UDT qualifications.

Classes are held regularly in several locations throughout Poland (we organize trainings for mobile platforms in Warsaw, Krakow or Silesia). We also have the option of conducting lectures remotely in the form of webinars.

Permissions for mast climbing work platforms

The Office of Technical Inspection in Poland is responsible for checking qualifications for the operation of mast platforms. Its inspectors conduct an examination in the form of a test with closed questions and a practical test. A positive result in both parts of the exam is the basis for the award of qualifications. From June 2020, the qualifications are granted for stationary and mast mobile platforms at the same time, and their validity is 10 years. The document is in the form of a plastic card with a photo, it is valid throughout Poland, and in some cases - also abroad.

With the authorization for mast climbing platforms, you can perform work on construction sites, during repairs, as well as in warehouse and factory halls. Such a device, consisting of a work platform for vertical movement of workers on a mast, has many indoor and outdoor applications. It is easy to use and transport and works well as facilitating access to storage racks, it is also helpful for assembly works on the facade or painting walls. The mast range is from a few to about 10 meters.

Mast climbing platforms course - details

In the case of mobile platforms, the course takes place in groups at various levels of advancement. Both beginners and those who have already worked on handling handling equipment, for example as operator assistants, can participate.

Classes last from about 8 to 35 hours, depending on the experience, knowledge and training needs of the participants. If the trainee has already dealt with the operation of the platforms, he may need fewer hours of classes.

Our trainings are intended for people who:

  • They are of legal age
  • They have at least basic education
  • They have no health contraindications

The training consists of the following elements:

  • Lectures, on-site or online: information on the construction and operation of the mast platform, safety rules related to operation, operator's obligations resulting from the provisions of technical inspection, preparation for work
  • Practical exercises on the maneuvering yard / hall
  • State exam, conducted by examiners from the appropriate UDT branch: Warsaw or another. The exam takes the form of a knowledge test followed by an interview with the operator at the device.

For people who would like to take the UDT exam as soon as possible, training is planned well in advance. Thanks to this, we can take into account exam dates, so that the waiting time is as short as possible.

The mobile platform operator course starts several times a month, and the classes take place in various locations in Poland, mainly in large cities. Our schedule also includes rises courses (self-propelled mobile platforms), low-speed mobile access platforms (scissor lifts) and other devices. Registration for all training sessions takes place on the website There you will also find the current dates and places of classes.

If you are interested in organizing a closed training for your company, please contact us. We have experience in conducting trainings with exams for lifting certificates and other devices, we are flexible when it comes to dates and place of classes.

The mast mobile lift is placed on a chassis with wheels, it has a mast and a working platform

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