Fire protection services

Correct implementation of health and safety indications i Fire in the workplace, it is able to significantly reduce the risk of accidents and occupational diseases, as well as other unforeseen situations. To all those who want their company to operate reliably in this respect, we offer full service at low prices! Providing protection at an appropriate level is the responsibility of the employer, the owner of the building, facility or site - the manager or the person using them. Thanks to us, you can get professional support in this matter. We will make sure that security is always at a high level, and at the same time it does not cost you a lot.

Our offer

Our services in particular:

  • introductory and periodic safety training and fire protection for employees and employers at all workplaces
  • professional consultancy for companies
  • fire protection of buildings - proper marking and arrangement of equipment
  • specialist services - fire protection appraiser, fire protection inspector
  • preparation of documentation - fire safety instruction (general fire instruction) and others
  • preparing buildings for collection by the State Fire Service
  • services of inspection, repair, maintenance of fire extinguishing devices and signaling installations
  • and other types of services in the field presented

The details of our services can be found below:

Fire protection inspector, otherwise fire protection inspector - a person responsible for the implementation of activities related to fire protection of buildings and evacuation.

Fire protection appraiser - a person responsible for preparing expert opinions, analyzes and opinions in the field of fire protection. In order to work as an appraiser, it is necessary to obtain appropriate training and additionally pass an exam.

Fire protection - thanks to it, it is possible to effectively prevent and, if necessary, fight fires. As part of it, activities such as preventing fires and their spread are carried out, including fire protection instructions, OHS and fire protection training, provision of appropriate fire fighting measures and rescue activities. Fire protection for buildings should be developed by a specialist in their field to reflect the situation as closely as possible.

Fire safety instruction, too fire instructions, general fire instructions - a document that each building, facility or area must have in accordance with the ordinance of the Minister of Interior and Administration of June 7, 2010 (Journal of Laws No. 109, item 719). The document contains, inter alia, information on the conditions of fire protection, inspections and maintenance activities, methods of conduct in the event of a fire hazard and its occurrence, evacuation of the population.

Where we work

We provide services throughout the country. Our branches, where you can also get help locally, are located in Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice and Bielsko-Biała. We also reach our clients, providing full service.


Service costs depend on the scope of performed activities. They are always determined individually, so please contact us for a quote. We are distinguished by affordable prices, there is a possibility of negotiating prices.

If you have any questions related to the implementation of services, we will be happy to answer. We are available at the indicated telephone numbers, as well as at e-mail addresses. Please also contact us to discuss the pricing of services.

If you need a fire protection inspector, we are always available - we invite you to use our services!

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