Types of overhead cranes - division

Types of overhead cranes - platform, suspended, gantry

Overhead cranes are designed for vertical / horizontal movement of loads. These are cranes operating in intermittent motion and allow for the transport of loads along the length of the track and its structure.

Various types of overhead cranes are in use. They are selected individually depending on the place of installation and intended use of the device. We can divide the cranes in terms of several parameters, namely control, type of drive, supporting structure, and purpose.

Division of overhead cranes due to control:

  • controlled from the working level
  • remotely controlled
  • controlled from the working level or remotely
  • controlled from the cabin
  • controlled from the cabin or remotely

Classification of overhead cranes according to the type of drive:

  • overhead cranes with manual drive,
  • gantry cranes with electric drive
  • cranes with hydraulic drive
  • gantry cranes with pneumatic drive
  • mixed-drive cranes

Division of overhead cranes due to the construction of the supporting structure

  • bridge
  • gantry
  • suspended

Division of overhead cranes according to their purpose:

  • general purpose hook lifts
  • special

Therefore, overhead cranes are selected depending on what their purpose is. For example, bridge or suspension cranes, with electric drive and remote or work-level controlled cranes are used in industrial halls. On the other hand, gantry cranes are most often used on railway sidings or in shipyards.

People operating overhead cranes must have the appropriate UDT qualifications. For this purpose, UDT training courses are provided, after which an exam is taken.

We invite you to UDT courses for overhead cranes to ours SPA Operators Training Center!

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