Mobile platforms - mobile platform service course (spiders)

Movable mobile platforms: mobile - devices under technical supervision"Spiders" platforms are a type of mobile mobile platforms, i.e. those that are transported on car trailers. Specialists appreciate them due to the fact that they can be easily moved from place to place, small drive width, low weight, which allows you to work inside and outside, also in difficult terrain. For people who want to learn how to use these practical, compact devices, we suggest taking part in a course concluded with an exam before the UDT commission. Participation in classes, combined with practical exercises, is an effective way to prepare for the exam and gain qualifications that are required when working with this type of platforms.

Characteristics of mobile platforms - spiders

The most important information about the devices covered by the training:

  • According to the UDT classification, they belong to the category of mobile, mobile, mobile platforms
  • The devices are subject to technical supervision, and to operate them, it is necessary to have licenses issued by the Office of Technical Inspection
  • Stability during work and transport is ensured by arms resembling a spider's legs (hence the colloquial name of platforms)
  • They are equipped with wheels or tracks that enable them to move around the construction site or other terrain, but this drive does not allow them to move longer distances on their own
  • Long-distance transport takes place on car trailers
  • Their basket usually holds one or two employees
  • The reach and working radius of the boom are parameters depending on the lift model, the working height can be from several to several dozen meters
  • Application: works during construction: assembly of elements on the facade of the building - windows, gutters, roof elements, painting walls; renovation and maintenance works in buildings, repairs of lighting, roofs, etc., snow removal from roofs, repair of damaged power and telephone lines, works inside buildings: painting, repairs, warehouse service

Course - mobile mobile platforms

Course of training

The course is delivered in two parts: as a theory lecture and practical exercises. The instructors from the Center provide knowledge on the construction of individual elements of the platforms, teach the principles of safe use of devices, and regulations related to technical supervision. Classes are held stationary, in various Polish cities, or online, on our educational platform.

The practical part is an opportunity to practice the acquired skills before the state exam. It takes place on the maneuvering yard, where participants use the equipment from the Center's base.

The duration of the training, both in theory and in practice, is adjusted to the participants' level of advancement. It can be from a few to about 30 hours.

Training participants

We invite people who are over 18 years of age, have a minimum basic education and can demonstrate a state of health that allows them to work on a given device, to the mobile lift operator training courses.

The trainings are attended both by people who want to learn the operation from scratch and those who already have basic knowledge and skills. At the registration stage, we ask customers about experience in service, so that we can assign them to the right group, with the appropriate program and number of hours of classes.

Examination for UDT qualifications

The course ends with an exam that participants take at the Center, before UDT examiners. The training program is adapted to the examination requirements. The dates of classes are set well in advance so as to adapt them to the dates of examinations planned by the Office. The exam is carried out as a knowledge test, and then the candidate's practical skills are checked.

To ensure the highest possible passing of exams, we provide our clients with an educational platform with content that complements the course. UDT publishes sample exam questions on its website - we collect their database on the platform to enable candidates to prepare for the exam. The platform also includes training scripts and videos showing how to operate the devices.

UDT regulations - authorizations

Passing the state examination before the UDT commission grants the candidate an authorization. They are issued for a period of 5 years, after which they can be extended. The document confirming the qualifications is the Qualification Certificate for Handling Equipment of Handling - it is valid in Poland and is required at every workplace related to transportable platforms.

"Spider" platforms - small-sized devices used at construction sites and renovations

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