Repair of lifting equipment

UDT equipment service 

forklift in the workshop

The company "OSO" has many years of experience in carrying out servicing of lifting machinery. We carry out maintenance, regeneration, modernisation and repair activities. We also carry out periodic inspections and complete the necessary paperwork related to this. We deal with any faults we discover in an expeditious manner. 

These machines are subject to heavy use due to their frequent use. So regular periodic maintenance can guarantee considerable safety and optimise uptime.  

Maintenance services 

In our service we perform: 

  • audits, 
  • rectify the failures and defects detected, 
  • hydraulic and electronic system diagnostics, 
  • maintenance of machinery, 
  • service documentation, 
  • upgrading of equipment, 
  • reconditioning of equipment and replacement of parts, 
  • total equipment repairs. 

Haulotte mobile platforms

UDT devices - what are they? 

UDT machines are commonly referred to as 'heavy vehicles' and fall under the Technical Inspection Authority. Those wishing to carry out work with them must have a licence, which is issued by the UDT. These devices are typically used for transport, construction or unloading and loading work. The breakdown of UDT equipment is as follows:  

  • fuel vapour recovery equipment, 
  • pressure equipment, 
  • non-pressurised equipment, 
  • handling equipment. 

Routine inspections 

The Office of Technical Inspection, according to established regulations, requires the person in possession of a machine to first register it and then also to carry out regular inspections. Any person in possession of such equipment is obliged, according to the regulations in force, to inspect it on a date previously set by the Technical Inspection Authority. If the person concerned does not turn up on time for the inspection, he or she may receive a financial penalty. The inspection is confirmed by a statement issued by the OTI. In our company, inspections are carried out at a fast pace, as we are keen to ensure that the customer does not have to hold up work at the plant for too long.  

Scope of service work 

Our service workshop mainly undertakes work with handling equipment, and these include: 

  • gantries, 
  • cranes of various types, 
  • mobile platforms,
  • crane-lifts, 
  • telescopic loaders, 
  • forklift trucks. 

crane during repair

Mobile service 

Our company offers a professional mobile service for lifting machinery, which we tailor to your individual needs. We have a qualified team of technicians who are ready to act quickly and efficiently on site to restore your machines to full working order. 

Training service 

We provide training for people willing to undertake work with UDT equipment. The offer is aimed at people who want to become operators or maintainers. The courses are run by a professional group of lecturers who will carefully prepare you for the state exam. 


Is a periodic review mandatory?

Yes, those in possession of a UDT machine are obliged to carry out the inspection within the timeframe set by the Technical Inspection Authority.

Do you provide other services in addition to the service?

Of course. We provide other services such as training for those interested in becoming a maintenance or UDT machine operator.

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