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Operator Training Center (OSO) is a company with many years of training and professional experience. Our offer includes not only forklift courses, but also various types of mobile access platforms (cranes, telescopic loaders, aerial platforms, HDS courses). We provide highly qualified staff, comprehensive training covering both theoretical and practical knowledge. As many as 98 percent of our clients were satisfied with the services we provide. We cordially invite you to our website:, where our entire offer is available.

UDT exam - as a training company, OSO represents its students in contacts with the Office of Technical Inspection, we mediate in the organization of the exam.

What does the exam itself look like?

The theoretical part is a test consisting of closed questions, i.e. questions for which some sample answers have been prepared - the participant's task is to choose the correct one from among them. The practical part is an oral answer conducted with the examiner at the device (also its operation). The person who receives a positive result in both exams is entitled to work with mobile platforms.

What is the training like?

They are conducted in the form of a lecture - stationary or online, depending on your choice. During the course, participants of the course will learn about the following issues: construction of devices, rules of safe use of platforms, reading the operating instructions, conducting tests and trials on the device, regulations regarding technical inspection. Along with the acquired theoretical knowledge, students will be able to test their skills in practice, using the technical base of the center. They will prepare the device for work, while meeting the health and safety requirements in order to use it safely and correctly. The online lectures mentioned by us are classroom activities in the form of webinars - audio-video transmission in real time. Trainers run them depending on the level of advancement of the group, if it is new on the market and unfamiliar with technical terminology and equipment, it will be trained from scratch.

How do we divide groups?

Due to the results obtained on the initial competency test, however, you should not be discouraged by the poor result, because all the classes and the course in general are geared towards preparing participants to pass the exam, and therefore also provide them with knowledge strictly for the UDT exam. That's not all, because in SPA we also provide additional training materials - with the aim of satisfying the state, that is our client - everyone has the opportunity to deepen and test their knowledge through trial tests placed on the platform. For more information on the organization, see FAQ on our website.

Where are forklifts most often used?

Due to their model, we can distinguish their various applications, from managing hard-to-reach spaces, to working in inaccessible conditions (e.g. in a cold store). For the purposes of our advertisement, we will deal with the most common type - a forklift truck. It is used for transporting goods, unloading and loading, which is why we often meet it in both large and smaller companies. It deals with delivering the product from the warehouse to the store, but also helps with the unloading and loading of luggage. Forklifts are widely used in many branches of the economy, therefore obtaining a license for them greatly expands our competences and strengthens our position on the labor market. When organizing a warehouse and conducting an efficient and continuous exchange of loads from point a to point b, employers already require their employees to have qualifications proving their skills in operating a forklift truck.


In order to work as a forklift operator you must pass the previously discussed UDT exam. The licenses for forklifts are issued in three categories: "III WJO" - they certify the ability to operate forklift trucks and remotely controlled lift trucks, The operator has basic authorizations to operate forklift trucks, including specialized ones: with an operator lifted with a load and with a variable outreach.

Before taking the UDT exam:

In order to obtain qualifications, our trainers will provide the trainees with the necessary materials that will familiarize the participants with the construction of a forklift, which is crucial for safe operation and proper operation of the device. As we mentioned in the third paragraph, if a student has difficulties remembering and consolidating his knowledge, he will receive the necessary (additional) materials in the form of tests to verify and consolidate his knowledge. If more complex issues arose, our trainers would also be happy to answer any question to dispel any doubts and provide you with the comfort of specific theoretical knowledge needed to pass the UDT written exam.  

In the next part, we will focus on teaching the participants of the activities that each operator should know and perform always before and after their work. You will also receive the necessary knowledge and tips during exercises as to how to maneuver the equipment and its efficient operation. In addition to obtaining a positive result in the exam, we aim to provide participants with useful health and safety knowledge and teach them ergonomics of work so that they can approach the tasks performed with a clear conscience and confidence, like professionals. In the end, the health and safety of our own and that of other employees in the warehouse is a priority.

The practical exam will check not only the skills of operating the device, but also the knowledge of cargo transportation, as well as the knowledge of technical supervision, the rules for replacing gas cylinders - all the elements affecting ergonomics and safety at work. OSO provides you with all this comprehensive knowledge, as well as practical exercises under the supervision of the trainer.

Our requirements are:

18 years of age, at least primary education, no contraindications to work in the position. That's all and we are ready to start working and train your country!

Our prices:

SPA is characterized by affordable and attractive prices compared to other companies providing training services, you can find it on our website in the price list. Registration is carried out in four different departments - we conduct training courses for forklift trucks in Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice and Bielsko-Biała. At the client's request (only organized groups), we can conduct training at his facility. We are open to the customer's needs and willing to listen to your opinion, so please contact us if you have any questions by phone. You're welcome.

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