Training for a forklift operator

Operator Training Centre - we are a company with many years of training and professional experience. Our offer includes not only courses for forklift trucks, but also training for various types of mobile platforms (overhead cranes, telescopic handlers, basket lifts, HDS courses). We provide highly qualified staff, comprehensive training covering both theoretical and practical knowledge. We provide professional services, ensuring positive final results for our clients, as well as a friendly atmosphere.

Our requirements

At least 18 years of age, at least an elementary education, no contraindications to the job. That's it, and we're ready to close the paperwork and start training our customers.

Categories of entitlement

Machines, due to their separate characteristics - structural elements as well as possible functions - are subject to categorisation.

They authorise the operation of guided and remote-controlled lift trucks.They authorise the operation of lift trucks, in addition to specialised machinery.They qualify the operator to operate lift trucks, including and specialised lift trucks, i.e. those that lift both the operator and the load, as well as those with variable reach.


Training takes place in two modes: remote and on-site. Remotely, lectures take place via webinars, i.e. real-time audio-video transmissions, where our lecturers provide all the necessary information on theory. Participants in the course receive knowledge about the construction of the equipment used, health and safety rules, the ability to operate correctly from a theoretical point of view, how to diagnose and maintain the equipment, as well as UDT regulations. Stationary exercises take place in the technical base of our centre, under the close supervision of trainers. The training practice is complemented by professional equipment, meeting all safety requirements, the operation of which will be taught during the classes. Participants learn to prepare the equipment for operation, follow safety procedures and operate the equipment correctly.

Participant in the group

At OSO, trainees are assigned to a group according to their score on the competency test held at the beginning of the course. In this way, we are able to provide our clients with an authoritative dimension to their training - beginners will learn with beginners and experienced learners with experienced learners. Thanks to this arrangement, we are able to better adapt the curriculum and pay more attention to the individual issues that are more important for a particular group. Also, the atmosphere and development opportunities are more optimal for each participant.

What is more, we provide all our students with additional material in the form of short subject tests - this enables them to repeat and consolidate the knowledge they need to pass the final UDT exam.


Where are forklift trucks most commonly used? Due to their model, we can distinguish between their various uses, from managing hard-to-reach spaces to working in inaccessible conditions (e.g. in cold storage). For the purpose of our announcement, we will look at the most common type - the mobile forklift. It is used for transporting goods, unloading and loading, which is why we will often encounter it in both large and smaller companies. It takes care of delivering product from the warehouse to the shop, but also helps with unloading and loading luggage. Forklifts are commonly used in many industries, so becoming certified for them greatly expands our competence and strengthens our position in the labour market. When organising a warehouse and carrying out an efficient and continuous exchange of loads from point a to point b, employers already require their employees to be certified to demonstrate their forklift operating skills.

UDT exam - As a training company OSO represents its clients in contacts with the Office of Technical Inspection, we also act as an intermediary in organising the final examination qualifying participants to obtain forklift truck licences. The exam takes place in front of a commission from the Office of Technical Inspection, which evaluates the results of the trainees, i.e. their answers from the theoretical part of the exam, i.e. a test of closed questions, and from the practical part, i.e. an oral answer conducted by an examiner at the device (including its operation). The forklift truck operator licence will be awarded to those who successfully complete both parts of the exam (there are no grades).

Before the examination

In order to obtain the qualifications, our trainers will provide the trainees with the necessary materials to familiarise them with, among other things, the construction of the forklift, which is essential for safe operation and the correct handling of the equipment. As we mentioned in the third paragraph, if the trainee has difficulties in remembering and consolidating knowledge, he/she will be provided with the necessary (additional) material in the form of tests to check and consolidate his/her knowledge. Should more complex issues arise, our trainers will also be happy to answer any questions in order to dispel any doubts and provide you with the comfort of concretised theoretical knowledge needed to pass the UDT written exam.

In the next part, we will focus on teaching the participants of the activities that each operator should know and perform always before and after their work. You will also receive the necessary knowledge and tips during exercises as to how to maneuver the equipment and its efficient operation. In addition to obtaining a positive result in the exam, we aim to provide participants with useful health and safety knowledge and teach them ergonomics of work so that they can approach the tasks performed with a clear conscience and confidence, like professionals. In the end, the health and safety of our own and that of other employees in the warehouse is a priority.

The practical exam will check not only the skills of operating the device, but also the knowledge of cargo transportation, as well as the knowledge of technical supervision, the rules for replacing gas cylinders - all the elements affecting ergonomics and safety at work. OSO provides you with all this comprehensive knowledge, as well as practical exercises under the supervision of the trainer.

Our prices:

OSO is characterised by affordable and attractive prices compared to other training centres, you will find on our website under the price list tab. We carry out training enrolment in a number of branches scattered throughout Poland. On request (organised groups only), we can carry out training at your premises. For more information on our organisation, please see the tab FAQ on our website. At OSO, we are eager to listen to our customer's needs, so please contact us with any questions by phone. You are most welcome.

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