Health and safety inspector

People responsible for health and safety at work are health and safety inspectors. The task of a person working in such a position is to carry out all the necessary activities to ensure that the level of occupational health and safety in the workplace is optimal.
The inspector's tasks include, among others:
  • conducting audits
  • coordination of the correctness of health and safety rules
  • constant supervision
  • conducting initial and periodic training
  • preparation of documentation, for example analyzes occupational risk
  • conducting post-accident proceedings
  • implementation of service recommendations
  • and other activities under the authority

Health and safety inspectors may be persons with appropriate education and professional experience. In order to become an inspector, one must complete at least a technical school in the relevant field or university studies in the specialization entitling to award the title.

  • inspector - completed technical secondary school in the profession
  • senior inspector - completed technical secondary school in the profession and 3 years of experience in the workplace or completed higher or postgraduate studies

Currently, companies do not have to employ their own specialists in the field of occupational health and safety. You can use external services provided by companies operating in the industry. When selecting them, it is worth paying attention to the rights you have. In the case of workplaces employing at least 100 people, it is necessary to appoint a health and safety service. An authorized person in occupational health and safety is also responsible for carrying out such activities. The requirements may also differ in the case of special hazards in the workplace.

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