Forklift course

Forklift course

Forklifts are devices used in many different industries. They can be found not only in halls or in warehouses, but also in farms and construction. In Poland, they qualify for devices under technical supervision. Therefore, in order to operate a forklift, you must first acquire the appropriate competences. Our company regularly organizes trainings that enable obtaining appropriate permits to operate forklifts. However, there are a few things you should know before deciding whether to start your course.

What are the permission categories?

Forklift approvals fall into three different categories:


I WJO is the most popular category that combines all the permits guaranteed by the other two. Completion of the I WJO course and examination of the exam provides qualifications for a period of 5 years. The holder of such licenses may drive all forklifts, including all specialized ones. The course for the I WJO category is more difficult and extensive than the others, but it is worth spending time on it. Completion of the I WJO course and success in the exam will ensure the right to work as a forklift operator in each category.


This license category allows you to drive forklift trucks, but without specialized trucks. A person who completed the course ensuring II WJO qualifications can drive all standard bogies, regardless of the type of drive or the maximum range of forks. After completing the course and passing the final examination, the student obtains a permit valid for 10 years.


Under the third category, driving privileges are granted only forklifts that are driven in front of the operator. This includes powered pallet trucks and guided trucks. Due to the narrow scope of powers it provides, this category is chosen the least frequently of all. Nevertheless, in some, especially smaller, warehouses, they are the only forklifts that can be used there. Therefore, if your company does not occupy such a large area, it is worth considering expanding your competences or the competences of your employees with this type of permit. III WJO permits are valid for 10 years.

Our company conducts trainings in all three categories of permits, also anyone who wants to expand their competences with the license to operate forklifts will find an offer for themselves.

What distinguishes the OSO company?

Our company is characterized by an individual approach to each client. Our training consultants ensure customer service at the highest level. For individual clients, we can offer participation in our courses open to forklift trucks. They are organized regularly and available to everyone. For people willing to enroll their employees for group training, the OSO company offers individual price packages. The amount of the discount depends, among other things, on the category of training, the number of people or the level of experience of the students. Thanks to our experience in the field of training organization, you can be sure that you or your employees will always receive training at the highest level. This is important for the smooth and safe operation of your work. Our trainers are experienced staff educating at a high level. We are ready to train anyone, regardless of the level of experience in working with forklifts.

In order to participate in the forklift course conducted at OSO, the following requirements must be met:

  • 18 years or older
  • Education at least basic
  • There are no medical contraindications for the profession of a forklift operator

Anyone who meets all of the above conditions can use the offer of OSO to expand their competences with the ability to drive forklifts.

What does the forklift training look like?

Like the rest of the courses at OSO, the forklift truck course consists of a practical and theoretical part. The theoretical part covers the following issues:

  • types and construction of forklifts,
  • operator's activities before and after work,
  • operator activities during work,
  • cargo transportation messages (type of cargo, maximum load, etc.),
  • technical supervision of a forklift truck,
  • rules for replacing cylinders in gas-powered engines.

In addition to the theoretical part, the course also includes practical training. Practical classes are held on machines specially designed for training purposes.

The course ends with an examination before the Examination Board appointed by the Office of Technical Inspection. Passing the exam gives the student the right to drive forklifts in the category chosen by him.

Where are the trainings held?

The main seat of the OSO company is located in Warsaw. We also have branches in other Polish cities, where trainings are also organized. In addition, we are able to reach customers and organize training for them in the company, if the conditions allow it. Depending on the individual needs of customers, it is also possible to conduct the theoretical part of the forklift truck course online.

The practical part, as a rule, takes place in one of our facilities, where the students, under the supervision of experienced trainers, can practice the acquired knowledge under the supervision of our staff.

OSO also offers a wide range of possible training dates. In addition to standard training during working hours, people who would like to expand their professional competences with forklift driving skills can contact our consultants regarding weekend or evening training. These types of appointments are especially suitable for people who are studying or working full-time. Our consultants are ready to prepare an individual offer tailored to their needs.

What is included in the price of the forklift course?

The price of the training includes a full-time course depending on the selected qualifications. Each forklift course consists of theoretical lectures and practical classes. In addition to the transferred knowledge, OSO also offers its students - as part of each training - access to a number of amenities, such as:

  • Online platform with a full range of training materials to help students prepare for the forklift exam
  • Training completion supplement (for an additional fee, it is also possible to prepare an individual certificate with a photo, needed for work in some countries)
  • Access to equipment needed during practical classes
  • Additional refreshments for people participating in the forklift course (coffee, tea, cookies)
  • Organizing and conducting the final examination before an external Examination Board

In addition, the OSO company also offers assistance in arranging accommodation for company employees who will travel to our branches for training.

Our company is ready to prepare an attractive offer at a competitive price to anyone who needs a course for themselves or their employees. Our consultants will prepare a satisfactory offer also for you! Please do not hesitate to contact us!


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