Machine Certification

We offer professional machine certification services under the Tools Directive 2009/104 / EC and the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC in accordance with European Union standards. Technical devices used in the works should be certified in accordance with the current legal regulations, which improves the level of occupational health and safety.We provide services such as:

  • we assess the conformity of machines under the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC
  • we adjust the machines to the minimum requirements in accordance with the provisions of the Tool Directive 2009/104 / EC
  • we develop risk assessments for machines in accordance with the PN EN ISO 12100 standard
  • we prepare conformity assessments for the EC Declaration of Conformity
  • we conduct machine safety audits
  • and we prepare other required documents in the scope presented

Why is certification of machinery necessary? According to European Union law, all machinery purchased after the date of Poland's accession to the EU, i.e. after 1 May 2004, must comply with safety and health requirements in accordance with the Directives. This applies in particular to CE markings and Declarations of Conformity. In the case of machinery purchased by the workplace before 1 May 2004, it is necessary to bring it into line with the minimum requirements Health and Safety.

We always provide machine certification services at a high level. Many years of experience means that we are able to fulfill them in a timely and correct manner, so that the documentation in your company is always appropriate. We reach customers all over Poland. We encourage you to take advantage of our certification services!

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