Course for mobile platforms - get UDT qualifications!

Our course will allow you not only to gain extensive knowledge, but also to test your skills on many models of devices. Become a certified operator of mobile platforms today!

operator of mobile platforms during work in an industrial hall

What else will I learn during the course?

  • what exactly are aerial platforms and where can they be used?
  • mobile platforms and their types
  • information on the technical supervision of the device
  • duties of the operator in the position - before, during and after work
  • principles of occupational health and safety

Why is it worth choosing us?

  • We enable the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and qualifications
  • We teach how to use multiple devices
  • We combine theory with practice
  • We only have professionals in our team

Where will the course for mobile platforms take place?

As part of our course, we offer you to learn the theoretical part also in the mode REMOTE! Learn where and when you want! Additionally, on our e-learning platform you will get access to live webinars with the possibility of playing them multiple times! For the practical part, we invite you to the training hall of our company, which is located in Warsaw.

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Types of mobile platforms

Mobile platforms are lifting devices used during construction and assembly works at heights. They are mainly used to lift people and materials to a specific workplace, both vertically and horizontally. The basic elements are: the boom and the working platform. In terms of design features, these devices can be divided into three groups:

 Mast climbing platformsHanging mobile platformsMobile mobile platforms
Destiny- moving people on the platform lifted on a mast mounted on a chassis enabling the device to pass.- moving people through working platforms (baskets) lowered on ropes, suspended on special girders placed on the roof of the building.- moving people who work from the work platform, at

the assumption that they are climbing onto and off the platform at its one defined access location.


What is the cost of the course?

To check the price of the course, please use the price list or contact us by phone or via the inquiry form. We prepare attractive discounts and appreciate the participants who recommend our course to others!

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About us

We have been providing comprehensive training services for various professional groups for over 20 years. We use modern training techniques and refined curricula. Our offer includes, among others, trainings: UDT, energy - G1, thermal G2, gas G3, HDS, as well as safety training, Fire and first aid, altitude, welding and many more.


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