Repair and maintenance of UDT machines

Service for handling equipment  

a mechanic changes a wheel on a telehandler

We are a company dedicated to, among other things, the repair and maintenance of UDT machines. We have many years of experience, thanks to which we have become a market leader. We work with experienced specialists who are qualified and UDT qualifications to take care of your equipment. We are characterised by professionalism and reliability, which contributes to the satisfaction of our customers. 

UDT machines to be serviced - legal basis 

The handling equipment we service is subject to technical inspection. This means that the Technical Inspection Authority, should check the condition of the machine in question and ensure safety during use. Maintenance inspections are therefore mandatory. It is worth noting that these have nothing to do with warranty inspections, which are dictated by the individual equipment manufacturers. Therefore, in order to keep the equipment in good condition and thus not expose yourself to breaches of regulations, it is worth coming to us for a thorough inspection. 

The UDT equipment we service includes: 

  • forklifts, 
  • mobile platforms (basket and scissor lifts), 
  • telescopic loaders, 
  • gantries, 
  • HDS cranes. 
forklift trucks in the workshop

Our offer 

As part of our service, we offer fast and efficient assistance to repair your equipment. For ongoing repairs, we focus on servicing individual machine components. Amongst others, we offer: 

  • repairing the electronic system, 
  • repairing the hydraulic system, 
  • repair of the engine and its components, 
  • repair of components responsible for the control and safety of the machine, 
  • technical condition assessment. 

We also carry out maintenance on UDT machines. We try to take care of our customers' time so as not to delay the work for which the machines being serviced are required. Therefore, we remind you of the technical inspection and maintenance deadlines. In addition: 

  • we carry out all maintenance in accordance with current Technical Inspection Authority regulations, 
  • we carry out special tests to assess the safety of the device, 
  • we take care of the formalities. 

Assistance with the purchase of equipment 

telehandler in operation

We know how difficult the decision to buy a new machine can be. So we go out of our way to offer you professional help. Our experienced specialists will advise you on the best equipment to meet your expectations and needs. We will help you choose a particular machine and discuss its advantages and possible disadvantages. We will also tell you what to look for and what to consider when purchasing other UDT machines. 

Service of UDT machine elements 

The various components of the machinery responsible for handling loads are particularly vulnerable to various damages. Our company therefore offers to service and repair such parts to prevent a dangerous situation or accident in the workplace. This is because we are aware that even the smallest bend or scratch on such parts can be dangerous to the health and lives of those around them. 

Our offer also includes: 

  • diagnostics, 
  • modernisation, 
  • audit
  • sale of new and used machinery, 
  • the possibility of hiring replacement machinery (forklift trucks and scissor lifts), 
  • possibility to check the machine before purchase, 
  • maintenance and operator courses for forklift trucks, scissor lifts, cranes, telescopic handlers, HDS cranes and tower cranes and cranes. 


Are UDT machine maintenance inspections compulsory?

Yes. They must be carried out, first and foremost, for safety reasons, so that anomalies that could be a danger to workers and the people around them can be detected in time. This is also regulated by the Technical Inspection Authority.

What is the maintenance inspection of the machine?

During the inspection, the various systems responsible for the functioning of the machine are checked. Our company offers repairs to the hydraulic system and the electronic system, among others.

What is the help with the purchase of the device?

If necessary, our specialists will suggest what to look for when purchasing a UDT device and which model to choose to best suit your needs.