At the OSO Company we provide welding training. Our specialists will take care of your knowledge and manual skills. We have over twenty years of experience in this. We pride ourselves on our high pass rate on the Polish Welding Institute exam.  

MMA welding


Modern welding is based on several specialised methods. They are applied according to the type of materials, welding temperature and types of joining of components. 

  • TIG method - This is a common way of arc welding using a non-fusible electrode protected by a gas shield. Parts are joined by melting the base material with an additional material. Welding takes place only at a specific arc temperature.  
  • MAG method - In this method, welding is carried out using an electric arc. The arc is formed between a consumable electrode and the material to be welded. The welding process is shielded by a shielding gas stream. This method is versatile and is used for joining unalloyed, high-alloyed and low-alloy steels.  
  • Gas method 311 - The welding flame is produced by burning gas - acetylene. The welding process occurs by heating the parts to be welded with the flame and melting the edges of the object with the filler metal. 
  • Electrical method 111 - The main welding element is the covered electrode. The weld consists of the coating, the melted edges of the material and the electrode core. The joining of the workpieces takes place by melting the electrode with the material to be welded by means of an electric arc. The welding temperature plays a major role here. 


More than 20 years of training experience have enabled us to develop an optimal teaching plan. The courses are theoretical and practical, where it is the trainee who chooses the type of course: open or closed. The lecturers will impart the necessary knowledge on the construction and operation of the welding machine. A staff of specialists will show you how to use the equipment correctly. In addition, you will be introduced to health and safety standards and a first aid course. Comprehensive training will enable you to pass the Welding Institute exam. 


The examination process can start soon after the course. All you need to do is make an appointment for the examination.  

welder welds metal pipe

The Inspectorate of the Welding Institute in Gliwice is the nationwide examination centre for welders - it supervises the issuing of: 

  • Welder's Books.
  • TÜV SUD certifications.
  • Qualification Examination Certificates in multilingual versions. They are valid throughout the European Union for a period of 2 years. 

The course of the exam will begin with a written test with closed questions. The next stage will be the performance of a number of welding tasks supervised before a committee of the Welding Institute. A positive result will guarantee the receipt of all the certificates mentioned above. 


Shipyards, workshops, warehouses and mines offer jobs for welders. The versatility of the profession will allow them to find their way in many industries. In addition, specialised professionals will find employment in high-paying extreme jobs, including in severe weather conditions or at heights. 


The OSO company trains in accordance with the rules of the Welding Institute. These rules require the trainee or exam taker to have: 

  • at least primary education, preferably vocational, 
  • a current medical examination from an occupational physician, 
  • over 18 years of age. 

In addition to these requirements, good physical condition and developed manual skills will be an added advantage. 


welder at work

Our head office is in Warsaw, but we have centres in major cities across Poland. The convenience of our trainees is very important to us, which is why we have decided to launch a mobile training option. We provide training for groups and individual clients. 


It is not only welding operator training that OSO offers. We have a sizeable base of machines for your use and can therefore offer you qualifications on: 

  • gantries, 
  • HDS cranes, 
  • telescopic loaders, 
  • aerial work platforms and scissors, 
  • mobile platforms, 
  • mountaineering work, 
  • forklift trucks. 

Some equipment requires you to undertake a course mandated by the Office of Technical Inspection. We can offer you assistance during your preparation for the UDT exam. You will learn everything with us.  


What jobs might typically have a demand, for welding work?

You will use the skills you have acquired most often in the workshop, shipyard, storage hall and mine. 

Can I take the exam while underage?

No, according to the requirements for students from the Welding Institute, you must be at least 18 years old. 

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