Hanging mobile platforms course - operation

Hanging mobile platforms are mainly used for outdoor worksClasses for future operators of suspended mobile platforms were created in accordance with the UDT examination requirements. This means that the content provided during the training corresponds to what is required of the candidates during the qualification checking process. Thanks to this, we can boast a high pass rate among our students. We also focus on the best possible preparation for the profession of operator, focusing on work safety, practical learning and a friendly form of transferring theoretical knowledge.

What are hanging mobile platforms

Hanging mobile platform can successfully replace scaffolding at a construction site or during renovation. These are devices that are installed either permanently (as so-called permanent access devices - BMU) or temporarily for the duration of the work. A typical platform consists of a work platform, ropes attached to the girders placed on the roof, as well as a central control system, safety elements and a safety rope. Particular models may differ mainly in the size and load capacity of the platform for transporting workers, materials and tools.

Usage examples:

  • Installation works on the facade
  • Washing windows, sandblasting external walls
  • Repairs, inspections of devices outside buildings: air conditioning, ventilation, lighting
  • Works on buildings and structures such as chimneys, masts, viaducts and bridges
  • Repairs, maintenance, inspections on ships, ships, offshore drilling platforms

Hanging mobile platforms operator course

These are classes that combine theory with practice. Students learn the issues required for the state examination, and then practice the acquired skills on the maneuvering yard. Thanks to this, they not only effectively prepare for the verification of qualifications by the Office of Technical Inspection. The training also provides the basics necessary for later work as an operator. Our instructors attach great importance to such issues as proper preparation for work, safe operation, the ability to deal with breakdowns or accidents.

Framework program of activities:

  • Overview of the types and construction of hanging platforms
  • Preparing the operator for work - required activities
  • Safety rules for the operation of devices
  • Regulations applicable to devices covered by technical inspection
  • Conducting tests and tests of stability and strength

The form of the course

The theoretical part of the course takes the form of lectures. Participants are assigned to groups so that their experience and skills are similar. Thanks to this, instructors can adapt the transferred knowledge to their needs. Depending on the group, the duration of the training is from 8 to 20-35 hours.

For people who are not able to participate in the classroom training, we offer the opportunity to complete the theoretical part online.

The practical part complements the theoretical classes. The trainees arrange individual exercises during which they learn how to use the devices, how to prepare them for work, how to use personal protective equipment and how to behave safely at work.

Place of classes

We offer our clients several locations for training courses on operating suspended mobile platforms with the UDT exam: Warsaw, Kraków, Katowice. We also organize closed training for companies. Our instructors can go to the place indicated by the company client.

Available dates

Classes usually start once or twice a month. The current dates can be found on our website www.platformaedukacji.pl.

There is also information about courses for other devices: self-propelled mobile platforms (lifts), low-speed mobile elevators (scissor lifts) and others that are worth considering when gaining new professional qualifications.


In the case of mobile platforms, you can register for the course via the website www.platformaedukacji.plas well as by phone or e-mail. During registration, we conduct an interview with the client, in which we determine the level of his qualifications and thanks to this, we can offer him participation in the appropriate group. At that time, we also provide other information about trainings for mobile platforms: prices, examinations, etc.

UDT exam and qualifications

Qualifications for hanging mobile platforms are obtained by passing an exam before the UDT commission (Warsaw, Kraków, Katowice or another branch). Our Center acts as an intermediary in the organization of the exam, enrolling students and arranging a date with the Office. The exam is conducted as a test with closed questions, followed by an interview at the device with the UDT examiner. II P category entitlements are granted for 10 years.

With the help of a suspended mobile platform, you can reach hard-to-reach places on the facade of the building

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