Health and safety and fire protection audit

Occupational health and safety should be a priority in any company. The implementation of appropriate solutions in this area is aimed at reducing the risk of accidents at work, occupational diseases and is to improve the comfort of work of employees. However, not always the applied solutions work properly, and sometimes they have to be completely redesigned - for this purpose, initial health and safety audits are carried out and additionally Fire We offer professional health and safety and fire protection audits. They are available in two variants:

Mini control:

  • verification of guidelines related to occupational health and safety regulations in the workplace
  • checking that these guidelines are followed
  • interviewing employees
  • overall assessment of the company's condition

Maxi control:

  • scope of work of the Maxi Control
  • regular visits of the SPA Center experts at the workplace
  • advice on changes to regulations
  • accident audits

We use proven audit methods. We work with the use of the PN-N-18001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and the risk assessment methodology FMEA - Failure Mode and Effect Analysis and HAZOP - Hazard and Operability Study and others, which can be checked in the tab describing the assessment occupational risk.

We encourage everyone interested in checking the correctness of the operation of health and safety solutions in the workplace to use our services. Our specialists will reach you throughout the country and take care of the correctness of the audit. After completing the work, we issue documents showing the scope of the activities performed as well as the effects and indications. We invite!

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