Warehouse stacker crane operator training 

Our OSO training centre offers training to prepare you for the Office of Technical Inspection exam and to work independently as a warehouse stacker crane operator. 

warehouse stacker cranes on the shop floor

With more and more people seeking employment in warehouses, competition in the job market is fierce. In order to increase your chances of finding a job or getting a raise, it makes sense to increase your qualifications and credentials. 

Purpose of the training 

Preparation for the examination of the Office of Technical Inspection as a warehouse stacker crane operator. A qualification certificate will be issued upon passing the exam. 

Scope of the training 

  • legal regulations and standards for the operation of equipment, 
  • the types of equipment that fall within the scope of the entitlement, 
  • construction of storage stacker cranes, 
  • organisation and area of activity of technical supervision, 
  • the device's stability date, 
  • design and operation of the device mechanisms, 
  • the rules to be followed in the event of an accident or mishap, 
  • organisation of own work, 
  • the stacker operator's duties to be carried out before, during and after work,  
  • categorisation and typology of warehouse stacker cranes, 
  • operation of brakes and safety devices, 
  • manoeuvring of general-purpose equipment mechanisms, 
  • manoeuvring the mechanisms of special-purpose equipment, 
  • health and safety rules when operating warehouse stacker cranes, 
  • rules on working in exceptional circumstances, 
  • hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic equipment. 

Warehouse stacker cranes - characteristics 

stacker crane in stock

Warehouse cranes are classified as UTBs, or handling equipment. In order to operate them, it is necessary to have a certificate from the Office of Technical Inspection confirming that you are qualified. 

Stacker cranes are machines designed to move and stack loads that are stored in warehouses. We can distinguish between the following types of warehouse stacker cranes: 

  • single-column (column), 
  • two-column (frame), 
  • suspended, 
  • cranes (mobile). 

They can also be divided on the basis of steerability: 

  • automatically controlled, 
  • semi-automatically controlled, 
  • manually controlled. 

Stacker cranes can have different picking and feeding mechanisms. There may be a conveyor, gripper or forks fitted to the unit. 

The course price includes 

  • theoretical classes, 
  • training materials, 
  • practical activities, i.e. learning to operate the device, 
  • assistance in arranging an examination date at the UDT. 

Requirements for candidates 

warehouse stacker crane operator
  • at least 18 years of age, 
  • minimum primary/high school education, 
  • a certificate from an occupational doctor to the effect that there is no obstacle to performing the duties of a warehouse stacker crane operator. 

Maintenance course 

We also provide training in the maintenance of storage stacker cranes. We invite anyone whose goal is to become a maintainer of this equipment to take the course. Our qualified instructors will do their best to prepare you to pass the exam in the best possible way. 


Where can I work after this course?

You can work on the warehouse floor as a warehouse stacker crane operator.

Do you also have a course in warehouse stacker crane maintenance?

Yes. Our company training company offers a course to become a maintenance technician for this equipment.

What will I learn during the training?

The syllabus for the course is very broad and you can learn, among other things, how to properly operate the warehouse stacker cranes, their structure and the mechanisms that operate in them, the responsibilities of the operator and the rules to ensure safety during work. 

What conditions do you need to meet to take part in the training?

There are three basic conditions: The age of majority, completion of at least primary or lower secondary school and a state of good health to practice the profession. 

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