Specialised UDT course for backhoe loader operators

Learn to operate a backhoe loader 

backhoe loader on site

Our company training offers various types of specialist courses for the UDT and IMBiGS machine operator. Future backhoe loader operators are trained by our experienced and qualified instructors, who impart knowledge in an understandable and innovative way. We offer courses that provide theoretical and practical knowledge. We want to show you various techniques and manoeuvres that make your job as a machine operator easier.  

Our objective

Our aim is to prepare the trainees for the operator's job so that the work does not pose any problems for them. The course is conducted with current regulations and standards.  

Requirements to be able to join the course  

  • at least 18 years of age,   
  • at least primary/high school education,  
  • a medical certificate indicating that there are no contraindications to exercising the profession.  

Training offer 

We want to prepare our trainees to successfully pass the final examination before the IMBiGS commission. The course can be completed either in weekend or daytime mode, depending on the needs of our trainees. During the training course, we want to provide you with theoretical knowledge and the application of machines in practice.   

The classes where we will teach your theoretical knowledge cover a range of topics:  

  • health and safety at work,   
  • The use and operation of backhoe loaders,   
  • general construction,   
  • the various mechanisms and systems of backhoe loaders, 
  • tasks and responsibilities of the operator, 
  • legislation and technical supervision, 
  • specialised activities.  

The practical part is achieved through exercises with machines, where students translate their theoretical knowledge into practical skills. Practical classes include exercises with an instructor.  

backhoe loader at work

The course is completed by us issuing a certificate of completion of the training course and then taking an examination before a board appointed by IMBiGS.   

What does the examination look like?   

The state exam is made up of two parts.  

The examination begins with a theoretical part, which involves the candidate answering questions on the examination sheet. The participant then moves on to the practical part, in which they must apply their skills in front of a jury. This part of the exam tests the fluency of the activity and the ability to operate the machine in a way that is safe and does not endanger the health and life of the worker. 

Successful completion of the examination results in a qualification certificate and the issue of a working machinery operator's book, which includes the entry "backhoe loaders, all, class three". The qualifications are valid indefinitely. 

Backhoe loaders - characteristics and applications 

The backhoe loader is one of the most popular construction machines. It is mainly used for preparing land for the construction of pavements and cycle paths, cleaning work or carrying out drainage work. The machine is also often used for farm work.  

We have the option of attaching various equipment to the unit. In addition, the unit has hydraulic equipment fitted to allow other tasks to be carried out in addition to digging or lifting.  

The most popular backhoe loader manufacturers are JCB, NEW HOLLAND, CASE, Terex, Kubota and Caterpillar. 

backhoe loader collects sand

In Poland, machines such as backhoe loaders may only be operated by people who have completed a machine operator training course and a qualification certificate issued by the IMBiGS. It is possible to obtain a qualification certificate by taking a preparatory course.  

Other IMBiGS courses for operator and maintenance qualifications

  • bulldozers,  
  • excavators, 
  • road rollers,  
  • multi-purpose equipment carriers.  

In addition, we offer: 

  • fire and health and safety training, 
  • UDT operator and maintenance courses, including mobile platforms, telehandlers, cranes, stackers and forklift, 
  • maintenance, audits, modernisation of equipment, 
  • mobile and stationary UDT machine service, 
  • sale of new and used equipment. 

You are welcome!  


Is it necessary to take the final exam for the backhoe loader course?

Yes. The backhoe loader operator course concludes with a compulsory examination before an IMBiGS commission. If the participant does not take it, he or she will not receive the required qualifications.

What models of backhoe loaders can I operate once I am certified?

Once certified by IMBiGS, you can operate equipment from the most well-known manufacturers of backhoe loaders, including: JCB, NEW HOLLAND, CASE, Terex, Kubota and Caterpillar.

What are the uses of backhoe loaders?

Backhoe loaders are often used on farms. They are used to prepare land for the construction of footpaths and cycle paths, clean-up work or to carry out drainage work.

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