BTT Mechanical - Warsaw and all over Poland 

The training course (BTT) Mechanical - Mechanical module is dedicated to wind turbine technicians.

Ośrodek Szkolenia Operatorów OSO invites you to basic technical training (BTT) Mechanical (Basic Technical Training) module. Thanks to the training BTT Mechanical Organised by the CSO, you will acquire the mechanical skills necessary for a career as a service technician. wind turbines. The knowledge gained at our centre will enable you to safely perform basic mechanical tasks in a wind turbine environment. 

Wind turbines

The priority training objective is to prepare employees to work in a wind turbine environment. Participants in the course will learn safe working procedures and, under the guidance of an experienced technician, learn to perform basic mechanical tasks. 

At our centre, we offer the opportunity to gain competence and knowledge under the guidance of experts in the field. Our courses BTT Mechanical cover the entire country - both at our headquarters in Warsaw and in our field branches, as well as in the form of open and closed training courses. Choosing to take part in a course BTT Mechanical, you can count on attractive financial conditions. 

Purpose of the training

BTT Mechanical - Basic technical training, mechanical module 

The aim of the mechanical module training BTT Mechanical is to acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to successfully perform mechanical tasks in a wind turbine environment.  

Training participants


Training BTT Mechanical - Basic Technical Training has been constructed on the basis of the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection and current legislation. Our aim is to present you with the most important issues related to the safe performance of mechanical tasks in a wind turbine environment. During theoretical and practical training, participants will become familiar with the key components of mechanical systems, personal protective equipment, learn about potential hazards and acquire the manual skills to work in a wind turbine environment. 

The mechanical module is an element from a package of three Basic Technical Training courses. The trainee can complete the modules in any order, independently of each other. The training is conducted under the supervision of an experienced technician using safe operating procedures and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with GWO standards. The course includes, but is not limited to: 

  • learning about the key components of mechanical systems and the basic operation of wind turbines; 
  • identification of potential hazards and risks associated with working on mechanical systems; 
  • understanding of the principles of welded and bolted joints, together with their inspection; 
  • practical skills in using hand tools for tightening and measuring; 
  • correct use of hydraulic tools for torque measurement and tensioning; 
  • Familiarise yourself with the operation of the brake system, gearbox and how to check them; 
  • understanding of the functions of the azimuth system, cooling system and lubrication system and how to control them; 
  • learning about the function of the deflection system; 

The OSO Training Centre programme aims to provide participants with sound knowledge and skills to perform professionally in the area of wind turbines. 


We are accredited by DNV and GWO 

Training BTT Mechanical is held in accordance with the current GWO standard. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate GWO BTT Mechanical Module confirming their qualifications and skills in working safely at heights.  

The certificate received is an official attestation of the participant's completed training and confirms the skills acquired. 

The certificate is valid indefinitely. 


  • at least 18 years of age  
  • at least a secondary education 
  • valid certificate from an occupational physician that there are no health conditions for working at a height of more than three metres 
  • social security or accident insurance paid 
  • having a WINDA ID number 
  • completed medical questionnaire 
  • work clothes, work footwear and gloves 
  • paid training fee 
  • identity document. 

The upper weight limit for a person taking part in training at height is 135 kg 


Price of training BTT Mechanical is determined on an individual basis. The fee depends on the number of participants attending. We offer attractive discounts for larger groups. 

Duration of training: 2 days 

Teaching venue 

We provide training at various locations, including Warsaw and our regional branches throughout the country. We also offer training at the client's premises, including travel to the client.  

All information regarding open courses is available on our website. If you are interested in closed training, please contact us - our centre will prepare a personalised offer for you. 

If you need more information, we are ready to answer all your questions about our courses. Feel free to contact us by phone or email and visit our Centre, where we will be happy to present our offer, help you dispel your doubts and prepare a training quote. 

Welcome to the CSO Operator Training Centre for training courses BTT Mechanical - Warsaw and all over Poland! 

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