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Get GWO certificates to work on wind turbines

Global Wind Organization is a global wind organisation founded by leading companies in the wind energy industry. General health and safety requirements and training standards for the wind industry have been developed to unify the knowledge, skills and potential health and safety risks of personnel.

Certification in CSOs

CSO centre offers GWO training essential for working on wind turbines. Training according to the GWO protocol can only be delivered by certified training centres. To ensure access to up-to-date information on training content for individual technicians and training providers, there is an international GWO WINDA platform, available online at: Each GWO trainee, after creating a personal profile in the WINDA system, submits his/her WINDA ID to the training provider to complete the training data in the system. Certificates obtained in GWO training courses are valid for a period of 24 months. In order to maintain their validity, the trainee is required to undertake periodic training in the module in question within two months before the expiry of the applicable entitlement. If the training is not renewed in time, it becomes invalid and the trainee must start the training procedure anew.

GWO certificates are recognised by employers all over the world as a guarantee of protection in the workplace.

Training standards

The GWO (Global Wind Organisation) training standards are courses that enable participants to understand and minimise the risks associated with safety hazards in the area of the wind turbine industry. The latest versions of all training standards are available on the official GWO website. The content is regularly reviewed and updated by committees such as the Training Committee, Audit & Compliance Committee,

History of the establishment of the organisation 

In 2009, the world's largest wind turbine manufacturers and operators announced the creation of the only structure that should regulate and standardise work on wind turbines - the Global Wind Organisation (GWO). Since then, the green energy concept has seen the emergence of a standard to ensure the safety of those involved in the wind industry, with the main aim of minimising accidents and injuries at work to zero. 

Three years later, in 2012, the GWO issued the first training standard for working in the wind energy industry - BST (Basic Safety Training). The certification of employees according to this standard provides assurance to companies working in the wind energy industry that the employee has the necessary and sufficient knowledge to work safely around turbines, as well as adequate skills in handling, evacuation, victim rescue or first aid. The GWO BST standard consists of four to five modules.

Training GWO Basic Safety Training Onshore consisting of 4 modules, is a mandatory training course for onshore wind turbine operators. 

Training GWO Basic Safety Training Offshore consisting of The 5 modules are mandatory training for offshore wind turbine operators. :  

  • GWO (WAH) Working at Heights; 
  • GWO (FAW) Fire awareness - fire protection; 
  • GWO (FA) First Aid; 
  • GWO (MH) Manual Handling; 
  • GWO Sea Survival; 

Participation in these training courses ensures that you are fully prepared to carry out your professional duties. During the course, the participant acquires the skills to respond to emergency and unpredictable situations, including taking part in training in first aid, handling manual handling, dealing with possible fires in the turbine, maintaining safety rules when working at great heights and maritime survival skills. 

In 2017, another important standard emerged - GWO BTT (Basic Technical Training), which is a continuation of the training and the next step in the qualification of workers related to technical knowledge, construction and operation of wind turbines. The GWO BTT standard includes three modules and an installation package, which includes two modules: mechanical and installation. Completion of this BTT training paves the way for job opportunities in the wind energy industry both onshore and offshore. 

  • Mechanical; 
  • Electric; 
  • Hydraulic; 

The GWO structure now includes up to 11 training standards in different modular variations, which cover all stages of wind turbine construction and subsequent maintenance, from the use of jacks and blade repair to simple wind turbine operation. Each module of any of the 11 standards is a self-contained unit, allowing the trainee to change modules according to operational needs.  

GWO WINDA - International Registration System  

 Software WINDOW constitutes Global Training Records Database in the wind energy industry. The main purpose of this tool is to verify the certification of GWO Training Organisers and the training status of participants who have undergone certified training according to GWO standards. In order to participate in training courses, interested persons must register in the WINDA GWO system to receive an individual WINDA ID number. This number will be used to record all training provided and to establish the expiry dates of the certificates, which will be written down by the training provider. 

Important! Some companies may require additional certifications or internal competence standards. GWO BST certificates are valid for 2 years, after which it is recommended to complete the knowledge through the GWO BST Ref course. 

Teaching venue  

We provide training at various locations, including Warsaw and our regional branches throughout the country. We also offer training at the client's premises, including travel to the client.  

All information regarding open courses is available on our website. If you are interested in closed training, please contact us - our centre will prepare a personalised offer for you. 

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