Telescopic loader service

Repair of telescopic loaders 

equipment during construction work

Our company "OSO" specialises in the comprehensive repair and modernisation of telescopic handlers. By entrusting us with a piece of equipment from the materials handling segment, you will be convinced of the level of our services. We operate our repair work with high-quality spare and original parts.  

Our specialists will comprehensively repair and upgrade your equipment and prevent further faults. Initially, our qualified specialists will carry out a diagnosis and audit to check the cause of the fault and eliminate it. 


We have several years' experience in servicing materials handling equipment and qualified specialists, thanks to which we carry out services at the highest level.  

Work carried out as part of the service

  • modernisation,
  • overview, 
  • diagnostics,
  • general refurbishment,
  • maintenance,
  • repair or replacement of a component,
  • post-accident and post-crash inspections. 

The efficiency of materials handling equipment is essential to continue working, even the smallest fault can prevent us from doing so. It is essential to get rid of the fault as quickly and effectively as possible.

Other equipment

In our offer, we also service

telescopic handler DIECI

Experienced specialists 

It is important to us that the quality of our services is of the highest standard. We attach great importance to the qualifications of our specialists. Our professionals participate in training courses to expand their knowledge and are well versed in equipment from various manufacturers. 

We are mobile 

Do you have a problem with your device but no way to come to us? Don't worry, we offer a mobile service. We have specialised service vehicles, so we can drive to the address of your choice. Our mobile service technicians will take care of the complete repair of your device. Once the work is done, the service technician will wait until the machine is back in operation to check that everything is running smoothly. 

What do we offer?

  1. Qualified specialists.
  1. Mobile and stationary service.
  1. UTB purchase.
  1. Quality guarantees
  1. We train operators and maintainers. 


If you are interested in purchasing, we also offer sales of handling equipment. We have a large selection of new and used equipment from various manufacturers. The point of sale is at our headquarters, but we can also bring the machine to your address. Consult us before you buy and our specialists will help you choose the equipment according to your expectations. 

telescopic handler collects sand

Our company 

We have been specialising in the service and sale of handling equipment for over a dozen years. Our company is based in Warsaw, but we operate throughout Poland. We have the necessary knowledge and equipment to carry out all repair and service work. The team of professionals in our company is trained and prepared for all kinds of faults. 


In addition to service and sales, we are involved in qualification. We offer courses and trainings for maintenance technicians and operators. Our training courses will teach you the essentials for your work. We will help you to obtain the necessary authorisations to operate machinery from the Office of Technical Inspection. 


Do you deal with the repair and maintenance of loaders?

Yes, in addition to servicing telehandlers, we also deal with repair, maintenance and modernisation, among other things.

Do you have a mobile service?

Yes, we own mobile service transports.

Do you operate a point of sale?

Yes, in addition to service we also offer sales.

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