Forklift truck service

Sale of used and new UDT forklift trucks 

Repairing forklift trucks is an extremely responsible task that should be entrusted to service professionals. We provide services such as stationary forklift truck repairs, which are also possible on a mobile basis at the location indicated by the customer. By entrusting us with the repair of your forklift truck, you can be sure of an accurate diagnosis, efficient expert assistance and servicing of all defective components. 

forklift in the workshop

What do you gain by using our services? 

  • saving time and money; 
  • reliable service; 
  • individual approach; 
  • Your comfort and convenience of professional equipment; 
  • professional advice from our technicians. 

What does our offer include? 

In addition to the diagnosis and servicing of UDT machines, we also offer the possibility of renting as well as purchasing equipment. Without a doubt, our wide range of products makes it possible to find the right vehicle to meet the buyer's requirements. With the rapid growth of industry, companies with advanced production volumes have emerged on the market, which has brought logistical problems involving the efficient storage and handling of goods. To remedy this, by ensuring the efficient transport of parts within the company and storing them efficiently, we should invest in a forklift truck. Our facility responds to the growing needs of our customers by providing a guarantee on the equipment purchased. 

Sale of forklifts 

The forklift package we make available is superbly suited to transporting pallets. These utility machines are designed to move freely around warehouses of various sizes. We have machines in various weight classes, with load capacities that can be adapted to your individual needs. We encourage you to decide on the purchase of an all-terrain forklift for work involving the loading of heavy goods and transport over unpaved areas. This is due to the fact that they are equipped with diesel engines, have ground clearance and large wheels, allowing free off-road movement.  

forklift truck lifting a load

Forklift truck rental 

Forklift trucks are undoubtedly on the list of needs of many companies that carry out orders in various sectors of work. Our rental company has been meeting the expectations of even the most demanding customers for years. We are stocked with both LPG gas-powered models as well as diesel machines and their electric counterparts. By renting our forklifts, you can meet the challenges of your industry in no time by sourcing the specific type of forklift you currently need. 

 The price of hiring equipment depends on the following factors

  • load capacity; 
  • drive type; 
  • work intensity; 
  • rental period.  

We tailor each rental service to the individual customer's needs, proposing a machine that fully meets the client's requirements. Factors such as working conditions, the type of surface on which the machine will move, the terrain, the maximum weight of the load and the height and dimensions of the lift are all crucial in deciding on the choice of forklift truck. When you choose our rental company, you can count on the full professionalism of our services, as we meticulously check the technical condition of our equipment to guarantee the full safety of the rental staff.  

Forklift truck maintenance 

A regular forklift inspection is, above all, an important preventive measure which allows potential problems to be identified early. This check-up ensures that your machine is safe and comfortable to use. Systematic maintenance is also an excellent way to save time and money while waiting for potential breakdowns to be serviced. A great way to implement regular maintenance in your company is to use checklists to ensure that every component of the forklift truck has been checked before putting it into service.  

forklift truck in service

Basic elements to be diagnosed

  • hydraulic hoses; 
  • oil level; 
  • fluid levels; 
  • condition of forks;  
  • the general condition and proper operation of the trolley. 

About us 

Our company specialises in the rental and sale of new and used forklift trucks. We offer equipment from a number of renowned brands and also provide professional forklift truck servicing (including diesel and electric forklifts). 

Our focus is on ensuring that our customers find products fully adapted to their needs and expectations. It is also worth mentioning that before any of the equipment is listed in our offer, it each time undergoes a comprehensive technical inspection and possible service. 

Sincerely please contact us, we are fully available! 


Parts and machines from which manufacturers are on offer?

We provide service for UDT machines from various manufacturers, these include Linde, Still, Jungheinrich and Toyota.

What services do you provide?

In addition to the diagnosis and servicing of UDT machines, our offer also includes the possibility of renting or purchasing equipment for internal or external use.

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