Accident proceedings

The risk of accidents at work can be reduced by following the principles of occupational health and safety at work. Nevertheless, they cannot be prevented as a whole. When an accident at work occurs, it is necessary to initiate an accident procedure aimed at examining the circumstances of the accident, preparing appropriate documentation and implementing improvements that will prevent the occurrence of adverse events in the future.

Accident procedure:

  • informing responsible persons and providing assistance to the injured or injured person
  • qualifying the event - determining whether the accident is related to the work performed, is an accident on the way to or from the road to work, an accident treated as an accident at work, etc.
  • determination of the circumstances of the accident at work
  • preparation of relevant documentation, including an accident protocol, and notification of relevant authorities
  • drawing conclusions from the event and applying preventive measures

In our Center, we provide clients with full support in the post-accident procedure, participating in it, notifying the relevant authorities and preparing documentation. Thanks to us, the entire procedure is even easier to implement, and the proposed preventive measures will prevent undesirable events from occurring in the future. We provide professional assistance, therefore choosing our services, you can be sure that all procedures will be followed even in unexpected situations at the workplace.

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We remind you that in the event of an accident at work, you should immediately inform our specialists.

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