What are flange connections?

sketch of flange connection
Flanged joints are one of the most common joints used in industry. They are welded to the pipeline pipes and are characterised by their circular shape. When making a flange connection, care must be taken to ensure the type of flange connection is selected correctly. Only a well-chosen connection can serve safety and have a positive effect on the service life of the equipment/pressure installation You should know and comply with the requirements of the European Pressure Directive. Older constructions are characterised by asbestos seals. Today, the use of asbestos is unthinkable ...

Scaffold fitter-what does it do?

Scaffolding on site with workers
Working as a professional scaffolder is extremely responsible. It requires precision, accuracy, spatial imagination but also knowledge of technical knowledge. Scaffolding is not an easy job, but it is possible if you have completed a special course and acquired a licence. The course covers both the theoretical and practical parts. We have been specialising in technical courses for years, and our qualified instructors and trainers pass on the knowledge of how to perform the duties of a scaffolder and how to do so safely to our trainees.Would you like to do...

Health and safety training - when and how often employers and managers should do it

health and safety training for managers
Before starting work, every employee is required to take an initial course in occupational health and safety. It should be repeated periodically, at least once every 5 years. Employers and persons in charge of employees are also obliged to undergo training in occupational health and safety. Persons in charge of employees include, among others, foremen, masters and department heads.The obligation to undergo training in occupational health and safety is contained in the regulation of the Minister of Economy and Labour of 27 July 2004 on training in occupational health and safety. In accordance with this regulation, each training...

Repair of HDS cranes

employee in HDS crane
HDS cranes only became popular a few years ago, and they belong to the group of cranes. HDS cranes are used for unloading and loading various types of goods and are used in almost every industry, such as transport, construction and the service sector. Thanks to their compact design, we can reach almost any place, which distinguishes HDS cranes from other cranes. Regular maintenance is required to keep the cranes in good working order, to ensure their efficiency and, above all, their safety during use.Who can operate HDS cranes In order to operate a crane, it is...

What types of compressors exist?

Powers needed to operate equipment.
A compressor (compressor) is a portable device that deals with the conversion of engine electricity into compressed gas energy. It is used for a variety of tasks - both in the ordinary household and in developed industrial plants. The purpose of this device is to increase air pressure. First, the energy supplied to the electric motor is converted into kinetic energy by a shaft movement, which in turn drives the compressor block. This energy is then converted into compressed gas energy. It is worth remembering that each unit must be...

How to behave during a fire

fire in a flat
Fire is one of the most dangerous phenomena. It destroys everything in its path without thinking. It is very important that we know how to behave when we are threatened by fire. The rules of behaviour in the event of fire differ depending on the location and cause of the fire. There is a different way to behave when a fire breaks out in a flat, and a different way to behave when a Christmas tree is lit. Fire in the home - what should you do?A fire in the flat can break out in almost any room - in the kitchen, living room, basement, attics. Add...

What are plastics and their combination

man standing by two pipes
Plastics are materials that consist of synthetic polymers (not found in nature. They have been artificially created by man) or modified natural polymers, e.g. heat stabilisers, UV light or powder fillers. They are so abundant in the world because the cost of production is low and the whole process of making them is relatively easy. Plastics have a very wide range of applications and are used in almost every area of life. They are a great material for construction and are chemically durable. They can be recycled many times and have...

What is a sling - characteristics

Conducting a sling check by an employee
A sling is called a device in a crane or overhead crane. It is used for activities such as:hanging, supporting, tying down a load.There are different types of slings, the most common being:sling in the form of a chain, slings made of steel ropes, grab sling, slings, synthetic slingsInspection process for slings In order to maintain the safety of the work being carried out, it is the user's responsibility to carry out regular daily inspections. The additional benefit of carrying out this type of inspection is that it extends the life of the equipment, when ...

Reachstackers - what are they for?

High lift trucks
Forklift trucks are used to transport a variety of materials. There are also specialised vehicles that can carry much heavier batches of up to tens of tonnes. These can be empty containers or containers filled with various materials. Such trucks are called container trucks and are extremely helpful in maritime transport, as containers are mainly transported by this route. There are many machines available on the market for handling them. Let's take a look at what it all looks like. What is a reachstacker? We can divide this type of reachstacker into several different types. Those interested in this topic m...

What is the difference between soft soldering and brazing?

soldering during soldering
We need soldering when we want to repair electronic equipment, but not only. We can also join metal plumbing components together or use the process for flashings. It is a very useful skill when we need to join two materials together. Then we can be sure that the connection is permanent and will not break so easily. To a large extent, we distinguish between two types of soldering - soft soldering and brazing. How do they differ and where do we use each? You will find out by reading this article. Soft solderingThis type is characterised by a soldering temperature ...