UDT equipment service

Repair and maintenance of UDT machines 

Employees in working clothes

At OSO, we have been repairing specialised equipment subject to the Office of Technical Inspection for many years. We guarantee inspections, repairs and maintenance activities carried out by the best specialists. We carry out comprehensive diagnostics of the equipment and rectify any faults detected. We also carry out routine seasonal inspections and optimise equipment for further operation.  

Mandatory UDT inspection 

Current legislation clearly mandates that all equipment classified under the UDT categories must undergo regular inspection. This means that any entity owning this type of equipment is legally obliged to check it for defects. If this is not the case, the OTU may impose a financial penalty. Passing the inspection is later confirmed by an appropriate certificate from the authority. At OSO, we strive to ensure that this entire process runs smoothly so that the work of the plant in question is not unnecessarily held up. We also assist in completing any other formalities.    

Equipment under review

What do we service? 

We mainly specialise in servicing materials handling equipment. Among these are: 

  • cranes - lifts, 
  • mobile platforms (including basket and scissor lifts), 
  • telescopic loaders,  
  • HDS cranes, 
  • gantries, 
  • forklift trucks. 

These devices are quite susceptible to possible malfunctions and breakdowns due to their heavy use. Regular maintenance is therefore essential. Keeping them in good condition is therefore essential for the efficiency of the entire plant or company.  

Maintenance services 

Our maintenance services include: 

  • removing potential faults, 
  • control system diagnostics,  
  • hydraulic system diagnostics, 
  • security screening, 
  • drawing up service protocols, 
  • audits, 
  • maintenance activities, 
  • modernisation, 
  • hire of replacement equipment. 

UDT equipment category 

The equipment that is subject to registration, and therefore also to inspection by the Technical Inspection Authority, is to a large extent that used in most major infrastructure, heavy industry, transport or construction work. The machines themselves are also commonly referred to as heavy equipment. Official authorisations are required to operate them. In order to operate a piece of equipment, it is necessary to undergo a course and pass a state UDT examination. The UDT classification of equipment is as follows: 

  • handling equipment, 
  • fuel vapour recovery equipment, 
  • non-pressurised equipment, 
  • pressure equipment. 

Among the most important requirements of the UDT is also the registration of all machinery in use and regular maintenance. 

Other services 

aerial work platforms on construction sites

Other services on offer include sales and training. We provide courses for both UDT equipment maintainers and operators. We prepare for the state exam and for future work in the profession. As far as sales are concerned, we offer the purchase of both new and used equipment. We also provide advice on choosing the best equipment.  

The forklift brands we service are: 

  • Jungheinrich,  
  • Toyota,  
  • BT,  
  • Still,  
  • Linde,  
  • Hako,  
  • HC,  
  • OMG,  
  • Nissan,  
  • Mitsubishi,  
  • Hyster,
  • Yale,  
  • OMV,  
  • Clark,  
  • Bauman,  
  • Taski, 
  • Manitou, 
  • Komatsu,   
  • Hyundai. 

The brands of mobile platforms in our range, in turn, are: 

  • Alp-Lift,    
  • Bocker,    
  • Lionlift,     
  • Omme,    
  • Snorkel,    
  • Steinweg,     
  • Aerial,    
  • Dino Lift,     
  • Euro Access,    
  • Eurozoom,     
  • France Elevateur,     
  • Genie,   
  • Manitou,    
  • Marklift,     
  • Matilsa,     
  • Maxlift,     
  • MEC,    
  • Toucan,    
  • UpRight, 
  • Aichi,     
  • Basket,    
  • Bison,     
  • Bizzocchi,    
  • Bronto,   
  • Grove,     
  • GSL,     
  • GSR,     
  • Haulotte,     
  • Holland lift,   
  • Moog,    
  • Niftylift,     
  • Oil & Steel,     
  • Pagliero Multitel,    
  • Palazzani,  
  • Sky High,     
  • Skyjack,    
  • Tecchio,     
  • Terex,     
  • Teupen,     
  • BST,    
  • Cella,     
  • CTE,     
  • Custers,     
  • Bottoms,  
  • Hunter,    
  • Isoli,     
  • Italmec,     
  • Iteco,     
  • JLG,     
  • Paus,     
  • RAM,    
  • Riffaud,    
  • Ruthmann,     
  • Simon,    
  • Weber,  
  • Versalift,  
  • TKD,  
  • Topper,      
  • Wumag. 

Questions and Answers

What services do we offer?

We offer repair, sales, service, auditing, modernisation, maintenance, diagnostics and consultancy services. In addition, we also run courses to prepare for work as an operator or maintainer of handling equipment. 

What equipment do we service?

We mainly deal with material handling equipment, i.e.: HDS cranes, overhead cranes, mobile platforms, forklift trucks, telehandlers, etc. We carry out inspections, diagnostics, repairs and even upgrades to the equipment in question. 

Is the inspection of UDT equipment mandatory?

The Technical Inspection Authority requires periodic inspections of equipment for maintenance or to detect possible failures. Circumventing this order risks a financial penalty.