Consultancy services for handling equipment

Maintenance, modernisation and audit of UDT machines 

We have been in the market for more than 15 years and each year our services are at the highest level. We have suitably trained and experienced specialists in every field of repair, maintenance or modernisation. Consultancy services we offer 

We offer you professional consultancy services on: 

scissor platform repair
  • Interpretation of the legislation on the modernisation, repair and operation of UDT machines, 
  • solutions to technical problems with UDT machines, 
  • preparation of the documentation necessary for the registration of the equipment with the Office of Technical Inspection, 
  • technical expertise for UDT equipment, 
  • assistance in selecting the most appropriate repair and upgrade solutions for UDT equipment, 
  • selection of suitable UDT machines to meet customer needs, 
  • post-installation checks before the machine is handed over and after it has been installed on another site, 
  • carry out verification of UDT equipment for compliance with health and safety requirements. 

Why audit the UDT machines?  

There are many benefits to carrying out a UDT machine audit, including: 

  • Improving occupational safety: The audit identifies and removes potential machine hazards, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries to workers. 
  • Improving performance: The audit allows the causes of machine failures to be identified and remedied, increasing productivity and reliability. 
  • Cost savings: The audit identifies and removes material and energy wastage, leading to a reduction in production costs. 
  • Improving product quality: The audit identifies and removes the causes of product non-conformity with standards and requirements, thereby increasing product quality and customer satisfaction. 
  • Employee satisfaction: The audit identifies and removes the causes of uncomfortable working conditions, which increases employee satisfaction and motivation to work. 

Why us? 

Our company has many years' experience of working with machines subject to the UDT. For years we have been offering repair and modernisation services for all types of handling equipment. We offer our services throughout Poland with the possibility of arriving at the address indicated by the customer, thanks to which we have thousands of satisfied customers. 

Other services we offer 

crane during modernisation

We also have a mobile and stationary service:  

  • forklifts,  
  • cranes,  
  • HDS cranes,  
  • scissor lifts and basket lifts, 
  • telescopic loaders. 

We offer sales of this equipment, both new and used, and we also provide training for maintenance technicians and operators of the aforementioned equipment. 

If you are interested in our services or have any questions please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Questions and Answers

Do you offer assistance with crane retrofit solutions?

Yes, we offer assistance in selecting the best retrofit solutions for cranes and other UDT machines. 

Do you prepare the documentation necessary for the registration of forklifts with the UDT?

Yes. We offer to prepare the necessary documentation for the registration of forklift trucks and other UDT equipment at the Office of Technical Inspection.