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Fibre optics have transformed the entire technology industry, making high-speed data transmission possible. Overhead cranes allow us to move heavy goods on construction sites, in production halls or shipyards. Mast mobile platforms enable work on façades or painting walls.   

Due to the constant demand for short-circuits concerning the operation of the above-mentioned equipment and the growing demand for fibre optic cable maintenance, our Operator Training Centre (OSO) offers you specialised vocational training, after which you will gain a high level of knowledge and skills in the profession you wish to pursue. Once you have completed the courses, you can test your knowledge with an exam and obtain the necessary UDT - Office of Technical Inspection - certificate. 

What does the UDT do and what are its powers? 

UDT - the Office of Technical Inspection, is a state institution established to ensure the safety of all technical devices and installations that are subject to technical supervision. The UDT operates on the basis of legal acts, primarily the Act of 21 December 2000 on technical supervision, which states what the Office of Technical Inspection is responsible for. 

The authorisations issued by the UDT apply, among other things, to plants that modernise, manufacture, repair, and assemble technical equipment. This applies to both domestic and foreign plants. Also UDT qualifications specify the individual worker's qualifications for the maintenance or operation of equipment subject to technical supervision - handling equipment (e.g. construction cranes, overhead cranes, stationary cranes, tower cranes, mobile platforms, lift trucks). 

The certificates, which are issued by the Office of Technical Inspection, confirm the employees' knowledge of the legislation and knowledge of the technical inspection conditions. 

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UDT training

In order to obtain your UDT licence, it is important to have the necessary training. Our courses are run by qualified specialists who are always available to you. We offer a wide range of courses on the operation of materials handling equipment, such as fork-lift truck operator courses and aerial work platforms. In addition, we offer you training in repairing and maintaining UDT equipment and a course in fibre-optic welding. 

Types of Training: For Whom: Training description: 
Forklift truck operator For those undertaking work in transporting and unloading smaller goods, e.g.: in warehouses, shops or companies; Courses in lecture format. Topics: - Technical supervision regulations; - safe use of platforms; - construction and instructions for use of equipment; - tests on the equipment; 
Suspended access platforms - operation E.g.: for workers on construction sites, carrying out assembly work, carrying out repairs or inspections on ships; - Types and construction of suspension platforms; - Safety when operating the equipment; - Strength tests; - Necessary preparation for work; 
For aerial work platforms and scissor lifts certified to work abroad Persons wishing to work abroad as a mobile platform operator. - types and use of aerial work platforms; - safety in handling the equipment; - construction of scissor lifts and aerial work platforms (including international nomenclature); - behaviour in the event of accidents; - health and safety regulations applicable abroad; - foreign regulations in connection with the operation of aerial work platforms. 

In addition, we offer training: 

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Our courses consist of lectures and practical exercises. They are conducted in such a way that you can easily pass the UDT state examination and with it, gain the necessary qualifications to practice your profession. 

Feel free to contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary information. We guarantee affordable prices, which you can be sure of - we set them individually. For organised groups - we offer discounts. We run open courses as well as closed training courses. The head office of our company is in Warsaw, but we also operate in cities such as, among others: Krakow, Bielsko-Biala and Katowice, Poznan, Gdynia or Wroclaw. In the case of a closed course, we will travel practically anywhere.  

We also encourage you to take a look at the extraordinary range of courses that our Operator Training Centre has on offer. Amongst others, we have introductory and periodic occupational health and safety courses, first aid training, as well as courses Fire.  

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